Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta

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Jl. Cikini Raya No. 46, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta is one of the cheapest budget hotel/hostel in Jakarta, Indonesia. Located in the locality of Jl. Cikini Raya No. 46 , Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta offers the budget traveler and his/her family a friendly accommodation at the lowest room rate. Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta is within the easy reach of the center of Jakarta, Indonesia, the nearest airport and its major attractions. The Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta is known for its affordable accommodation options, well kept rooms and common areas, friendly reservation counter staff, nearby restaurants, and of course, service and staff that try to make your stay at Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta worthwhile. This hotel is well-suited for students, tourists, backpackers, hostel travelers, youth travelers, young professionals and foreigners. searches multiple hotel booking sites for Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta in Jakarta, Indonesia to get the guaranteed best rates, discount rates, promotional prices, availability, pictures, maps and details and location. We assure you of a comfortable and hassle-free stay at Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta , one of the best hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia. can assure you of a cheapest/lowest rate guarantee from our hotel partners booking sites on Gren Alia Cikini Jakarta , Jakarta, Indonesia

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