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Kanika Nevatia Apr 22 2014

10 best ways to get over a jet lag

Reema Bhalla Apr 22 2014
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While we all love to travel, jet lag is something which leaves us feeling lethargic and disoriented. Here are the 10 best ways to get over a jet lag and make the most out of your trip.

1. Take an overnight flight

It is an absolutely great idea to take an overnight flight if the journey is long. You would be able to sleep naturally during the flight and arrive in daylight at your destination, which would help you immensely in staying awake.

Courtesy: Singapore Airlines

2. Manipulate your body clock

If the duration of your trip is long, try altering your eating and sleep patterns according to the timezone of your destination. While flying back, do the reverse.

3. Have carbs for dinner

Having a carbohydrate-rich meal the night before you fly is said to have a sleep-inducing effect.

Courtesy: Katrin Morenz

4. Stay hydrated

Stick to water and have a lot of it! Avoid caffeine and alcohol during the flight as well. Having alcohol at high altitudes can increase tiredness and fatigue upon arrival. If you really want to go beyond water on a flight, opt for a fresh juice or lemon water.

Courtesy: Singapore Airlines

5. Avoid airline food

If you are trying to reset your body clock as per your destination, eating the in-flight food will sabotage all your efforts. Airlines food tend to be heavy. It is best to stick to soup, a light snack, some salad or fruit whenever you feel hungry during the flight.

Courtesy: Singapore Airlines

6. Don't have sleeping pills

Instead of making you feel fresh on arrival, sleeping pills tend to make you lethargic. Opt for chamomile tea instead. It’s soothing properties will help you catch some shut eye on the flight.

Courtesy: Kanko

7. Have a protein rich meal when you arrive

A protein-rich meal helps the brain in producing neurochemicals that keep you alert and active all day long.

Courtesy: balise42

8. Set time on your watch according to your destination

Setting your watch to the local time of your destination at the start of your journey helps psychologically to beat jet lag.

Courtesy: Sergei Gutnikov

9. Workout

Schedule a 30-minute workout in the gym or have a quick swim in the hotel pool. This helps in improving blood circulation and will make you sleep better at night.

Courtesy: Huvafen Fushi - A Waking Dream

10. Sleep in a cool and dark room

Making your room absolutely dark and reducing the room temperature definitely helps to manipulate your body clock. Sleeping in a cool dark room lulls the brain into believing that it’s time to sleep.

Courtesy: Matt@ PEK

While our natural body clock does take its own time to get accustomed to a new routine, these ways to get over a jet lag will definitely help to quicken the process.
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