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Monisha Jaswal Nov 04 2014

What are the top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry?

Jigyasha Prasad Nov 04 2014
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Planning a trip to Pondicherry this winter? Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry. Life is slow here, and quite laidback. The slow pace along with its picturesque beauty and pleasant weather, makes Pondicherry a popular destination among tourists.

Pondicherry Promenade (by Emmanuel Dyan)

1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Don’t miss a visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram while you are in Pondicherry city! This is a beautiful tourist attraction where the mortal remains of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and the Mother (Mira Alfassa) are interred. Come here for some quietude and the lovely gardens.

Aurobindo Ashram (by Yes.aravind)

2. Promenade

Also known as Beach Road or Gaulbert Avenue, Promenade in Pondicherry is lined with a host of late 18th and early 19th century French architectural wonders. Come here in the evening for a leisurely stroll and enjoy the view.

Promenade (by flickPrince)

3. Walking the Streets

One of the best ways to experience Pondicherry is to take a walk around, exploring its beautiful streets. For instance, you can start with Rue Dumas, the oldest street in the city, where the first French settlers had lived. Apart from this, there are many other things to do in Pondicherry.

Rue Damas (by BishkekRocks)

4. The Tamil Quarter

In this part of the town the streets are narrower, the houses smaller and the temples bigger. You will find traditional houses left untouched, a unique blend of the Tamil culture with the French, and a way of life that is found nowhere else.

A quiet street in Pondicherry (by Melanie-m)

Amid it all hides a unique specimen of Franco-Tamil architecture, the Mansion of Ananda Rangapillai, built in 1738.

5. Picturesque Beaches

The beaches in Pondicherry are a huge tourist draw with their scenic beauty and quietude. that offer you respite from the mundaneness of daily life. You can also try out water sports like canoeing, kayaking sailing and boating.

Auroville Beach (by Sanyambahga)

6. French Colonial Architecture

The city’s busy suburbs are home to splendid churches and country houses built in the typical French colonial architectural style, most still preserved in the French Quarter. Some of the notable churches are St Andrew’s Church, Immaculate Conception Cathedral and Notre Dame de Lourdes.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral (by ArtMechanic)

7. A Visit to Auroville

The “Universal City” of Auroville, inaugurated in 1968 by Mother (Mira Alfassa), is the primary tourist attraction in Pondicherry. You can also pick candles, apparel and handmade paper at the Visitors’ Centre.

Matrimandir inside Auroville (by File Upload Bot (Magnus Manske))

Auroville is definitely one of the top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry.

8. Shopper’s Delight

Shopping in Pondicherry is a complete delight as there are loads of options to choose from! Visit Auroshikha on Rue de la Marine, for the high-quality, high-priced non-toxic agarbattis and scented candles, or go to Boutique d’ Auroville on Mission Street which sells Ashram publications and CDs.

Naturally Auroville Store (from its official Facebook page)

Naturally Auroville Store (from its official Facebook page)

9. Local Dishes

The French Quarter hotels offer an interesting variety of European and French fares at their restaurants. Don’t miss out the famous local restaurants like Carte Blanche restaurant, The Bistro and Rendezvous among others.

Local dish at Rendezvous (from its official Facebook page)

Carte Blanche Restaurant (from its official website)

10. Pristine Parks

Adorned with a number of beautiful parks and gardens, Pondicherry is a nature lover’s delight in every sense. The most famous is Bharathi Park, a place where the French financial and administrative buildings were concentrated. It houses The Raj Niwas, Romain Rolland Library and the Museum.

Bharathi Park (by BishkekRocks)

Make sure you experience these top 10 reasons to visit Pondicherry and enjoy a memorable vacation!

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