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Shewali Tiwari Aug 13 2015

10 reasons why you should date a person who loves to travel

Pritha Manchanda Aug 13 2015
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Dating a partner who loves to travel is like gifting yourself a jar of memories that you can forever keep by your bedside. Here are 10 reasons why you should date a person who loves to travel. Well, who would say no to unexpected surprises and romantic vacations!

Up for anything and everything

Travellers are always prepared for anything and everything. The more adventurous and unique the experience, the better it is for them. You name any place or activity and they’ll be all game for the “travel challenge”.


No room for boredom

There’s never a dull moment with travellers. They have loads to share, be it their favourite story from a backpacking trip or an experience of exploring some of the most less frequented places.


Independence is the key word

Travellers in general are self-reliant and don’t depend on others for anything. They never run away from taking up responsibilities and prove to be good decision makers.


Knows how to get things done

They are problem solvers and don’t postpone their plans because of any hurdle. Even if you try to throw them off track, they know how to turn around the situation.


Priceless gifts

You know you are going to receive personalised gifts (souvenirs) from your “special someone” who makes sure to pick something for you from places around the world. Small or big, the gifts are simply priceless! You may want to read about some of the most amazing souvenirs from around the world.


Time is important

Punctuality is what travellers can’t do away with. You really can’t afford to waste time with a partner who loves to travel, as “being late” doesn’t exist in their dictionary. They can plan a lot even in the least available time. This means a lot of fun in a short time span!


Photographs and memories

Capturing your love through the lens is something you would definitely want to do when you are in love with someone. And if that person happens to be a traveller, then nothing like it. He/she would ensure the walls of the room only talk about memories and experiences. A romantic pose right below the Eiffel Tower in Paris or bungee jumping selfie in Rishikesh are some of the “must-clicks”!


Knows different languages

How would you feel when your partner says “I love you” to you in a different language each time he/she visits a new place? Awwww...special, we know! Learning a new way to express his/her love to you is something you are going to adore a lot.


Good with savings

Because they love to explore the world, they do overtime to make extra income and do what they love the most--travelling. They save every penny to generate funds whenever it’s required and travel within their budget. Wow, that’s some skill!


Appreciate little things

Travellers are simple people who appreciate the world they live in. Be it the blue sky or a running stream, they find each and everything meaningful.


Date a traveller and be prepared to go through a memorable lifetime journey with him/her. Do add to the list of 10 reasons why should date a person who loves to travel, if you have been dating one and love every bit of it!

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