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Reema Bhalla Feb 13 2014

Which are the 10 weirdest dishes in India?

Mercy Jacob Feb 13 2014
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India, the land of spices has always been known for its food, the aroma and texture of various delicacies appear to be at war to win your taste buds. But have you ever tasted ‘snake eyeballs with hot chocolate sauce for dessert’ ? Food can be weird too, so here’s presenting you a list of 10 weird dishes in India.


A chutney can spice up the whole meal, so what about a non-vegetarian chutney? Chaprah is regular chutney used by the tribal population in parts of Chhattisgarh, to add taste to their meal. Dried red ants and their eggs is the main ingredient for this recipe along with some spices and sweeteners.

Photo of Red ants - which is the main ingredient for this Chutney (by William Cho)

Baby Shark Curry

Are you scared of sharks? Well, we need not, as we can scare them too and even eat them up! Baby Shark Curry is one of the most popular delicacies of the Goan cuisine. The dish is expensive, but worth the money spent. Check out other specialities of goan cusine at places to eat in Goa.

Photo of Baby Shark Curry (by Miansari66)

Dog Meat

We all love our dogs, but can you eat them up? Some do. Dog meat is widely popular among the tribal communities in of Nagaland and Mizoram. The meat is enjoyed and prepared in various styles such as fried, curried or dried.

Photo of Dog Meat (by ByeByeBaby)

Jadoh - Chicken Blood and Pig Intestines

Jadoh is a rice dish which is cooked with pig and chicken blood and entrails and is eaten by the Jaintia Tribe of North East.

Black Rice

A popular food prepared in Manipur, also known as the magic rice as it changes colours, it is black when harvested but changes to purple when cooked. A must-try on a trip to Manipurtrip to Manipur.

Photo of Black rice (ElinorD)

Frog Legs

Frogs are amongst the creepiest creatures on this planet, but for some they are a delicacy. Lepchas Community of Sikkim eat frog legs which is prepared in multiple ways. It is believed that these contain medicinal values and are able to cure dysentery and other stomach ailments. Would you dare to try it on your trip to Sikkim?

Photo of Frog Leg Dish (by Gunkarta)

Phan Pyut

Ever wondered how rotten potatoes would taste like? Rotten potatoes are a speciality of north-eastern states of India. Potatoes are not harvested but left untouched till they rot. The rotten potatoes are picked and then are either consumed in their natural form or cooked or treated with spices before eating.

Photo of Rotten Potatoes (by Fredy.00)

Doh Khlieh-Pig's Brain

Doh Khlieh is a pork dish which is garnished with steamed pig's brain. You will find this crazy dish in Meghalaya, it seems too disgusting but they enjoy it.

Eri Polu-Silkworm's Pupa

An exotic dish prepared by the Assamese from silkworm’s pupa after the silk is taken from its cocoon. The dish is colourful and is said to melt in the mouth.

Photo of Eri Polu (by Blueberry87)

Sorpotel (Chouricos)

Influenced by the Portuguese, Goa offers an unusual dish - Sorpotel, which is made of pork offal, that is the integral organs and entrails of any animal, which are otherwise discarded as waste material.

Photo of Sorpotel (by Ehedaya)

You probably never had eaten any one of these foods but they are popular in their respective states. These weird dishes are a part of the culture and traditions. If you have had experience eating any of these 10 weird dishes in India, please tell us about it.

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