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Reema Bhalla Jan 16 2015

36 shades of India.

Kanan Budhiraja Jan 16 2015
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From the snow-capped Himalayas to the coconut-lined backwaters of Kerala, the 36 shades of India are truly mesmerizing. The largest democracy of the world, India is a land of varied colours, cultures, religions, languages and cuisines. You cannot help but fall in love with the country’s rich history and breathtaking beauty!

1. Andhra Pradesh - Land of “Char Minar” and “Tirupati Balaji”

Image by { pranav }

2. Andaman and Nicobar - Exotic beaches

Image by rabanito

3. Arunachal Pradesh - Land of the dawn-lit mountains

Image by appaji

4. Assam - Haven of the one-horned rhinoceros

Image by www.beontheroad.com

5. Bihar - Birthplace of Aryabhatta

Image by Nandanupadhyay

6. Chandigarh - “The city of Chandigarh is planned to human scale. It puts us in touch with the infinite cosmos and nature. Here the radiance of nature and heart are within our reach.” - Le Corbusier

Image by Ekabhishek

7. Chhattisgarh - A destination full of surprises!

Image by Sea of moments

8. Dadra and Nagar Haveli - Of orange sunsets and rustling palm trees

Image by Mackensen

9. Daman and Diu - A paradise of wilderness and serenity

Image by Rashmi.parab

10. Delhi - “I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life.” - Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

Image by Koshyk

A trip to the capital will be incomplete without a visit to Chandni Chowk. Here are some intriguing secrets of Old Delhi.

11. Goa - Where life is a non-stop party!

Image by Capitan Giona

Monsoon in Goa is a great time to visit.

12. Gujarat - Of garba, Gir and the Gulf of Kutch.

Image by nandadevieast

13. Haryana- Experience the rustic charm!

Photo by Koshyk

14. Himachal Pradesh- Misty mountains, verdant valleys and lovely people!

Photo by Srini G

15. Jammu and Kashmir-
“Gar firdaus ae baruhe zamin ast Hamin astu hamin astu hamin ast”-If there is heaven on Earth it is here, it is here, it is here.

16. Jharkhand- Commune with nature!

Photo by Smeet Chowdhary

17. Karnataka- Home to the world’s largest monolithic stone statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali!

Photo by Ppyoonus

18. Kerala- God’s own country of beaches, backwaters and houseboats!

Check out this detailed itinerary of a 10-day trip to Kerala!

19. Lakshadweep- Exotic beaches await you at Lakshadweep!

20. Madhya Pradesh- Heart of India!

Photo of Sanchi Stupa

21. Maharashtra- Love the Lavani, Lonavala and the Locales.

Photo of a fort in Lonavala

22. Manipur- “Switzerland of India”- by Lord Irwin!

Photo of Loktak Lake

23. Meghalaya- Home of Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia!

Photo by ashwin kumar

24. Mizoram-The land of the highlanders.

Photo by AmyNorth

Nagaland - Fabled land of the hornbill

Photo by Jim Ankan Deka

26. Orissa
- A cultural and spiritual extravagance

Photo by priyadarshiniroy

27. Pondicherry
- Where time stands still

Photo by Sandeep Dey

28. Punjab - A delightful medley of fun, food and festivity!

Photo by Udit Sharma

29. Rajasthan - A colourful royal retreat

Photo by Ajay Shankar

30. Sikkim - Truly a paradise unexplored!

Photo by Soumtajit Pramanick

31. Tamil Nadu
- The ultimate Deccan experience

Photo by Mehul Antani

Make sure you explore these top attractions in Tamil Nadu!

32. Telangana
- The new kid on the block!

Photo by Peejaey

33. Tripura -
An explosion of heritage and culture

Image by Sharada Prasad

34. Uttar Pradesh
- Behold the Taj!

Photo by Discover India

35. Uttarakhand
- Abode of the mountain gods

Photo by discover India

And here are the 10 reasons to visit Uttarakhand.

36. West Bengal - A lot more than pujo, pheesh and politics!

Photo by Rajibnandi

Do check out these weekend getaways from Kolkata for more ideas.

With so much diversity concentrated in one country, being an Indian is certainly something to be proud of! Be sure to explore these 36 shades of India at least once in your life. This was our tribute to India this Republic Day. Share this story with all your friends and be a proud Indian

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