4 Western Railway alerts that could affect bookings: see the full list

As one of India’s busiest rail networks, updates from the Western Railway instantly demand passenger attention. The zone has released several alerts about new, extended, diverted and rescheduled trains that may push you to change your bookings. View all the revisions here:

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1. Extensions for 3 special trains 

Festival special trains on the Yesvantpur-Jaipur, KSR Bengaluru-Ajmer and KSR Bengaluru-Jodhpur routes have been extended for passenger convenience. All three trains will be passing through Western Railway stations. More details here:

2. New trains: Bhavnagar Terminus-Kakinada Port

Starting December 10, a new special train (07204) will be available for trips from Kakinada Port to Bhavnagar Terminus. The reverse leg (07203) will run from December 12. 

Train no. 07204 will leave Kakinada Port for Bhavnagar Terminus at 5.15 am every Thursday and reach Bhavnagar Terminus by 6.55 pm the next day. Train no. 07203 will depart from Bhavnagar Terminus at 04.25 am every Saturday and reach Kakinada Port by 7.45 pm the next day.

3. Timings changed for these special trains

  • Train no. 09415 (Ahmedabad-Delhi) leaving on December 6 and 9 will depart at 5.20 pm instead of 5.40 pm. The train reaches Delhi at 07.55 am the next day. Train number 09416 for the Delhi-Ahmedabad trip departing every Monday and Thursday at 2.20 pm will reach Ahmedabad the next day at 04.35 am. Please note that both these trains will be cancelled December 13 onwards.
  • Train no. 09052 (Muzaffarpur-Valsad) will depart on December 7, 2020 at 8.10 pm on every Monday and reach Valsad at 07.10 am on the third day. Train no. 09051 for the return leg will reach Muzaffarpur at 06.50 am instead of 06.05 am.
  • Train no. 02833 (Ahmedabad-Howrah) will leave Ahmedabad on December 8 at 12.15 am and reach Howrah the next day at 1.35 pm. Train no. 02834 will leave Howrah at 11.45 pm and reach Ahmedabad on the third day at 12.05 pm. 
  • Train no. 02133 (Bandra Terminus-Jabalpur) will leave at 12.15 am and reach Jabalpur at 9.30 pm instead of 9.40 pm the next day. Train no. 02134 for the return trip will leave on December 10 at 2.10 pm instead of 2.30 pm and reach Bandra Terminus at 11.55 am instead of 11.45 am the next day.
  • Train no. 02828 (Surat-Puri) will depart from Surat from 8.05 am from December 15 to 29, and reach Puri at 2.25 pm on the next day. Train no. 02827 (Puri-Surat) will leave at 7.45 pm every Sunday from December 13 to 27 and arrive at 02.30 am on the third day.
  • Train no. 08502 (Gandhidham- Visakhapatnam) will leave every Sunday from December 20 to January 3, 2021 at 11.05 pm and arrive in Visakhapatnam at 10.15 am on the third day. Train no. 08501 will make the return trip every Thursday from December 17 to 31 at 5.35 pm, arriving in Gandhidham by 5.55 am. 

4. Terminations & diversions continue

Five trains have received changes in their normal schedules due to the farmer protests in Punjab.

See the official tweet:

We recommend that passengers check and/or modify their bookings based on these updates. Have a safe journey!