5 Must-do Things at the Spectacular Puri Rath Yatra Festival!

Celebrated in the honour of Lord Jagannath, Rath Yatra Festival is a cultural extravaganza across India. But in Puri, it is celebrated with another level of enthusiasm and divine fervour. Also known as the ‘Festival of Chariots’, Rath Yatra has many legends attached to it.

Here are the 5 things that one must do at this stunning spectacle of a festival:

1. Take a Holy Dip in the Sea:

Before the lord’s procession begins, you can take a holy dip. Puri’s beaches are clean, windy and full of life. You can also ride a camel or a horse at the beach. One can also spend time adoring the beautiful sight of sunset or sunrise.

2. Shop for the Souvenirs:

There are many small shopping stalls near the beach area for the shopaholics. You can buy wooden art pieces, seashell jewellery, paintings, conchs, key rings, and even a miniature replica of the Rath Yatra chariots.
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3. Soak the Festive Vibes at Carnivals:
During the festival, several carnivals take place near the temple area. You can visit these carnivals to eat, click and collect as much as you want. There are many eateries, shopping stalls and souvenir points where you can bargain and get the best available option.

4. Participate in God’s Procession:

The main Rath Yatra is a spectacle to witness. Devotees wait for this sight throughout the year. The grand chariot of Lord Krishna, Subhadra and Balarama is decorated using a variety of flowers, leaves, and garlands. The royal successor of the state is expected to clear the path for the divine idols with his golden handled broom, after which the journey starts off.  

5. Savour the Rath Yatra Special Delicacies:
If you are a foodie, then Rath Yatra is the best time to relish the flavour of Odisha. Rice/Lentil Khichdi with Eggplant vegetable and crisp Papad is the trademark food during Rath Yatra. A wide range of sweets like Khaja, Jalebi, Kheer, etc. are also available.

So, to witness the grand Rath Yatra, visit Puri and get ready to experience the different flavours of this divine land.