Ho Ho Ho! 5 Perfect Destinations for a Fun-Filled Christmas!

Christmas is that time of the year when trees are adorned with sparkling lights, streets are covered with crystal white snow, and family reunions are immaculately planned. If you want to celebrate the festival in all its fervour and also want to do something you enjoy the most, i.e., travelling, then head to these 5 best places to celebrate Christmas.


Revel in the festivities and let your hair loose as you sway to the mood of the grand parties and cheery celebrations in Goa. This beach destination celebrates Christmas like there’s no tomorrow! With its glorious Portugal legacy and Roman Catholic local population, you know you are in for a lovely festive experience the moment you are here.

goa Shillong

Surprised to hear that the serene city of Shillong could be one of your best bets to celebrate the festive time of Christmas? Well, see it to believe it! This otherwise sleepy town gets converted into an interesting destination and gears up big time for the celebrations with several live performances and musical concerts.


Covered in pristine, white snow, Manali looks exactly like a dream place for Christmas and is one of the most interesting destinations to enjoy an eventful vacation. Indulge in a lot of fun-filled activities like creating snowball castles and snowball fights. Eat, drink, and make merry when you are here! If you are travelling by train, please check your reservation status here.

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Touted as one of the most exciting destinations to celebrate Christmas, Bangalore is known for its exuberant festive spirit and mood, which you can experience the moment you arrive here. The entire city decks up for the grand celebrations and you will spot many happy and cheerful faces singing carols and taking part in the midnight Christmas Mass all through the week.


God’s own country–Kerala– has some special Christmas celebrations in store for you! You will love to spend your vacation here amidst colourful celebrations, luxurious beach resorts, stunning backwaters, and lovely boat houses. No wonder, with all this and more, a trip to Kerala will be an amazing choice for Christmas holidays.

keralaSuch an interesting panorama of world-wide Christmas celebrations! With so many exciting destinations to visit this Christmas, you are surely spoilt for choice! Plan a fun vacation and spread the festive cheer. Have a Merry Christmas!