5 tips on how to woo a girl who travels!

With all the stories on “why you should date a girl who travels” and “why you should not date a girl who travels”, and the soaring buzz they created on social networking sites, we somehow became certain of one fact – there are many out there trying to woo a girl who travels! So, if you are sitting all baffled owing to that “date/don’t date” advice, this one is for you.


Plus, it’s time to bust the myth that the girls who travel are a category into themselves. A category that’s almost alien!


For starters,


1. Chivalry is welcome, being around 24×7 is NOT. 

Somebody once said that there are a few who understand the sexiness of holding open a door for a lady. Well, that is true. Chivalry is never going to go out of fashion. So, hold that door open, do draw her a chair at a restaurant but stop being the sky. By that, I mean stop being everywhere. Any girl who has got the travel bug appreciates solitude, perhaps just a few minutes or hours, so stop breathing down her neck. Let her trek alone or watch a sunrise by herself. She is sure to come back if you don’t try to be the sky.


2. She knows more about maps and rock formations; accept it. 

Any girl who travels is quite adept at reading maps, converting distance into a drive’s time and vice versa, travelling gear, routes and more. Be at peace with it for these are just her work skills and not an encroachment on anything you thought you were better at. Let her talk to the driver rather than chiming in because that girl has a map imprinted somewhere in her memory. Also, she knows which driver/people are not worth talking to. So, relax and be proud. The more you assert yourself, the more distant she would be.


3. She is not an alien; be normal.

While extravagance might just put her off (for she has usually seen much of the worldly extremes), she is not an alien. She is quite well versed with words like flowers and dinners (not pompous ones), so you need not go bonkers over what might help you wooing her. A drive to the little tea shop on a highway or a short hike with packed lunch will get you in her good books more effectively. The simple fact is that she values money and all the tickets it can buy rather than blowing it all on one meal.


4. If you can’t go with her, let her soar.

Every time you act frenzied and ask her to stop when she is about to go on a trip (even when you are not in a relationship) is silently jotted down in her mind. So if you are about to propose or do something similar, be ready to have a no for answer. No girl who does (or doesn’t) travel appreciates a curb on her freedom. Let her explore the world on her own rather than binding her to yourself for travelling is what she breathes.


5. She knows her words better than most of the people.

If there is one thing that every girl who travels (including Robin Scherbatsky!) cannot stand is any guy sidelining what she says when it comes to a relationship. Travelling brings a maturity that very few other things can, making them understand a life that’s simpler and more honest than what you might be used to. Thus, if she says she isn’t game for a relationship, she is not. Or if she had once said (even if nonchalantly) that she’ll travel the world before getting hitched, she will see to it. So even if that might bring some heartbreak, know that what she says is what she means. Thus, do not laugh off her words. It might have you watching her go away.


If you agree or disagree with what I’ve written or have any suggestions, tips or a simple hi, do leave a comment below. Will get back ASAP (and I mean that!) 


About the author

Shikha Gautam loves to play with steering wheels, roads, words, flute and guitar among other things. Not necessarily in that order! You can contact her on twitter @ShikhaGautam