Best seats in a flight


What are the Best Seats in a Flight?

What are the best seats in a flight one should grab? Frequent fliers often struggle hard to find an answer to this one. One that offers more legroom or a better view of the skies? If you are still scratching your brains on that one, read on. Depending on what you are looking for, you can decide on what seats to choose. Are you looking for space, view, sleep, or do you want to be the first to be served? We tell you who chooses what!

The seats upfront

If you are in a hurry, you might find the best seats in a flight in the front row could be your best bet. People in the front row get to deboard the plane as soon as the door opens, which makes you the first one to get off the airplane. It's great if you are on a business trip or in a rush!

The backseats

Contrary to common belief, the backseats can turn out to be quite a catch depending on the aircraft you are flying in. Some airplanes have a lesser number of seats in the back row, which means less of a crowd, more legroom and a comfortable journey. This works well if you are on a long flight. Screaming infants are also often placed on the front rows for long haul flight. Another reason why the last seats are considered the best seats in a flight!

Exit door seats

These undoubtedly are the best seats in a flight as the exit row seats are spaced apart to offer unrestricted movement in case of an emergency. Seats next to the exit door are spacious and give you more legroom. In case of an emergency, you are undoubtedly the first to leave!

Window seats

An unhindered view of the skies is the best calling of window seats. You don't have to stretch your neck real hard to get a good view. Also, window seats are the best to take a nap.

Seats in the middle row

These seats are good if you suffer from motion sickness because the middle of the flight is sturdier during take-off, landing and even during the flight. If you plan to take your kid along, the middle rows are safer because they serve as a 'lock in' for the child.

Aisle seating

If you need to stretch your legs, a seat in the aisle wins the popular choice hands down. You will be saved from leg cramps as you get enough room to stretch your legs and elbow. One can easily get off from the seat and there is no need to disturb others.

The bulkhead seats

Another preferred row of seats that easily qualify as some of the best seats in a flight. These seats are close to areas that separate the various parts of the airplane. You can breathe rather easy if you manage to grab a seat in this row. They give you ample legroom and are particularly good if you are with kids. There is also no worry of the person sitting in front reclining so hard that you are unable to move an inch! Go ahead and pick your seat before you leave for the flight. It's particularly important to have good seats if you are on a long flight. And if you do want a great seat, make sure you check well in time.