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Mrittika Dey Aug 17 2015

A Journey Of 29 States And 29 Foods

Ria Dutta Aug 17 2015
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If you love food and are a true gourmand then you cannot think of not tasting this 29 dishes from 29 states. Here is a list which you shouldn't miss if you love gorging on food.

Andhra Pradesh

It doesn’t matter if you like meat, fish, or vegetables. If you visit Andhra Pradesh and not have Hyderabadi biryani, then you are missing out on life.


Arunachal Pradesh

How about having Tibetan noodle soup when you visit Arunachal Pradesh? Yes we are talking about the delicious thukpa.



The authentic masor tenga is a must try if you visit Assam. If tangy is your taste , you are going to love this traditional dish.



Litti chokha is a traditional dish which is made of wheat flour and sattu, along with generous helpings of ghee--sounds delicious? Well then you should try this dish when you visit Bihar.


How can we not mention the yummiest jalebi . Yes, Chhattisgarh is the place where you will find different flavored jalebis.


If you thought Goa was all about sunny beaches, you are missing out on something equally important. The traditional Goan prawn curry is a must have!



Even Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor couldn’t resist this traditional dish of Gujarat. Then how can you not try khandvi which is made of besan and buttermilk.

Khandvi,_Gujarati_snack.jpgBy Flickr upload bot


Kadhi pakoda is a yogurt gram flour curry with fried vegetable pakoras. It can make your day with a plate of steaming boiled rice. So when you visit Haryana, make sure not to give this a miss.


Himachal Pradesh

One of the most loved dishes in Himachal Pradesh, siddu is a bread item made from wheat flour.

Jammu & Kashmir

One of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine, rogan josh is a dish you should try when you visit Jammu & Kashmir.



Specially prepared during festivals, chilka is an Indian pancake. So while you plan your trip to Jharkhand, gorge on this amazing dish.


If you visit Karnataka then you must try mysore pak. It is a sweet dish prepared in butter and a favourite of all.



Appam is God's own country's favourite dish. It is a type of pancake which is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Appam is served with chicken stew or coconut milk.


Madhya Pradesh

Dal bafla is one of the popular dishes of Madhya Pradesh. Don’t confuse yourself as this is not daal baati, but delicious all the same!


Love street food? Then you should try misal pav when you visit Maharashtra. Made from white peas and served as a evening snack with pav, this is a mouth smacking dish.

Misal_Pav_from_Maharashtra.JPGBy Dheerajk88


Yongchak iromba is a traditional Manipuri dish made of boiled vegetables which are then mashed together in a sauce of chilli paste and fermented fish.


If you visit Meghalaya then you must try their traditional tungtap, which is a dry fish paste or chutney and jadoh is a rice and meat delicacy. This combo is something you shouldn’t miss.


Misa mach poora, though the name is unusual but this dish will surely make you come back to Mizoram. The shrimps are roasted or grilled on open charcoal wrapped with banana leaves.


Love pork? Then you should visit Nagaland and have pork with bamboo shoots. Yes it sounds delicious and the taste will surely make you love pork even more!



Chenna poda is a cheese dessert from the state of Odisha. Though it literally means burnt cheese in Oriya, the taste will give you a different meaning.

chena poda first in plate.jpg


If you visit Punjab and not have makki ki roti with sarson ka saag,then your trip will surely remain incomplete.



One cannot think of any other food when talking about Rajasthani cuisine but the patent dal baati choorma.



Who doesn’t love momos? And to get the best mouthwatering dumplings do take a trip to Sikkim because no other place can offer you better momos.


Tamil Nadu

From small dhabas to big posh restaurants, chicken 65 is a dish you will find everywhere when you visit Tamil Nadu.



Potlakaya pulusu, didn’t understand what is this dish all about? Well this snake gourd sesame curry is a famous dish of Telangana.


Chakhwi is a traditional dish from Tripura. This dish contains bamboo shoots to pork to jack fruit seed and green papaya. Yes, we know the combination did make you hungry.



Though the name is a bit unusual, garhwal ka fannah is a traditional dish of Uttarakhand. Don’t go by its name because the taste will surely blow your mind.


Uttar Pradesh

This dish from Uttar Pradesh will melt in your mouth. Yes we are talking about the famous galouti kebab.


West Bengal

This list cannot be completed without mentioning about West Bengal. And when we talk about this state we have to mention bhapa ilish. Here the fish is steam cooked with a tangy paste of mustard and green chillies.


Stop drooling! And plan your trip to the different states of India to have these delicious 29 dishes from 29 states.

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