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‘Where ‘Fun-is-Work’

We are a team of young and motivated ‘ixi-gems’ who love to make a difference with their work, not just once in a blue moon but every single day. For us ‘fun-is-work’ and whatever we do, we work at it with all our heart. The witty, the sincere, the dedicated, the crazy, and the high-on-life, yes, we have them all.

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Think. Plan. Execute. REPEAT!

If you too believe in the same mantra as ours, this is just the place you have been looking for.Creative, thoughtful, passionate, fun-loving, entertaining, and enthusiastic, we welcome them all. Because we know when different brains and personalities work together, something BIG is inevitable for!


We love Our people


ixigo is a great organisation to work with. It has given me an opportunity to wear different kinds of hats in my role. One must join for a great learning experience. Proud to be an ixi-gem.
Vijayendra Bawa
Head, Business Development


ixigo is one of the best organisations I have worked with. Friendly and fun-loving, yes, that’s what the culture ixigo boasts of. The best thing is about ixigo is that it provides its employees with all facilities they can think of.
Anurag Mishra
Senior Data Analyst


My journey at ixigo started exactly 4 years 9 months ago when I joined the company as one of the first few content writers. I still have vivid memories of those long hours of brainstorming sessions, Friday parties after a successful product build, numerous hackathons, fun-filled company outings where everyone posed as a big happy family!
Must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here, and will continue to do so. Cheers!
Jigyasha Prashad
Manager, Content Team


It’s been almost 2 years that I have been working at ixigo and trust me it’s been a great learning experience for me. I have grown not only professionally but personally as well. A company is known by its people, and ixigo stands true in this case. All are very supportive and work as team–be it facing new challenges or experimenting something new.
Alok Singh
UI developer


A place that gives me the opportunity to experiment with something new– that’s ixigo for me! I absolutely love to be a part of being such a cool startup. For me ixigo is all about — awesome culture, great folks and cool managment.
Nazish Khan
Accounts Executive


Challenging work , super-awesome colleagues, great work culture, and enormous learning opportunities are reasons why I love being a part of ixigo. I have been here for more than 2 years now and I am loving every moment of my journey here.
Mohit Chandra
Lead – Backend Development

Just a few questions:

Passionate about products, technology, and travel?…always wanted to work in a fast-growing Indian startup?…wearing casuals to work is your thing?…you get a smile when you hear Hadoop, Memcached, or HTML5?…you like to start your day with your regular dose of caffeine?

Well, if your answer is a “Yes”, we will be more than happy to make you a part of the ixi-family.

Send us your CV and an informal motivation letter to


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