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Jet Airways Konnect
Jet Airways Konnect
Jet Airways Konnect or Jet Konnect is a venture of the renowned world class Jet Airways and was launched with the aim of replacing loss-making routes with lucrative ones. With its fleet of about 10 aircrafts, the airline serves quite a few destinations. Although, Jet Airways already has JetLite, another low cost airline, the company launched the new service instead of expanding the existing one in order to bypass the regulatory delays that would have arisen from the transfer of aircrafts and other major assets from Jet Aiways to the new entity. Both airlines have different operating codes. In the future, Jet Airways plans to merge JetLite with the new airline.

Cabin Classes
Travellers flying with Jet Airways Konnect get to take their pick from two classes of travel, namely Premiere and Economy.


The Premiere class is aimed at business and leisure travellers flying with Jet Airways Konnect. Features include free hot meals, welcome drink, excellent reading material, and comfortable Jet Airways Business Class style seats with a 40 inch pitch. Flying Premiere class also gives you access to sumptuous lounges, priority baggage tagging, and priority check in.


Similarly, Economy class passengers flying aboard Jet Airways Konnect also get to enjoy many of the luxuries Jet Airways is known for. Fruit juices, aerated drinks, tea, coffee, brownies, and sandwiches are all part of the famed JetCafe menu card. Passengers can also kill time by sifting through the entertaining JetWings in flight magazine. For shopaholics, the JetShoppe scheme brings a galaxy of world class goods at attractive prices.

What does ixigo offer?
ixigo offers quick searches on all Jet Airways Konnect flights. All you have to do is to select your destination and port of departure from the easy to navigate ixigo website. Choose your travel dates, destinations and whether it's a one way or return journey and click search. We guarantee that you will see the lowest air fares. We also have an extremely fun slider bar to move around and choose flexi timings in case you want to customize your travel timings. This is your one stop destination for the best prices which include all current deals and discounted fares. It's that easy.
This airline is also misspelt as jet aireays Konnect, jet airrways Konnect, jet airwaays Konect,jet airwaqys
Disclaimer: It is strongly recommended that travellers cross check the information provided here with the airline website or other official sources.

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