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Shridhar Yadawad
Shridhar Yadawad
Badami-an Overview
24 Jun 2014
Badami is a historical place which was under control of Chalukyas and was founded by Pulikeshi. Now its a historical part of Karnataka. In Badami you can find many caves and temples. It has another name- Vatapi, a name of demon which has origin in Ramayana and was destroyed by Agyasta. The name its called because that demon was a loayal about god and Agyasta unkowningly destroyed him by eating him. As of now the place situated 30Kms from Bagalkot, 128Kms from Bijapur and 589 Kms from Bangalore Capital. The place is best to tour at the time of spring or mansoons. You can also enjoy the taste of butter and rotis and also can get curd in spl. cups known as Gadigi.
Pavithra Patil
Pavithra Patil
nice place love it
23 Jun 2014
badami is once upon a time capital of badami chalikya's.. here we saw many old temples.. the temples are build in chalukya's period.. the desing of temples is so nice... drawing and pictures are nice...i like this place
Indrajeet Mohite
Indrajeet Mohite
A great archaeological site.
21 Jun 2014
Badami is one of the best historical and archaeological site in India. It is completely made in stones of almond colour. Visitors should give a complete day for Badami. I saw the remains of the eighth century kingdom. This is similar to Pattadkal which is near to Badami. The best part was the cave temple made in stones.
Karti Cheepba
Karti Cheepba
stone temples
18 Jun 2014
Badami and nearby pattadkal have many temples built in stones. It is located in bagalkot district. Hubli is nearby major town

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