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Saumya Srivastava Mar 06 2014

Which are some of the most beautiful monasteries of the world?

Benazir Khan Mar 06 2014
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Here are some of the most beautiful monasteries of the world. Solemn vows are oft characterised with the imagery of a wedding, or a precursor of vows to another individual in sanctum. As placid is that picture of commitment, quite akin to taking a bow at the monastery, it's time to tweak it and pledge yourself in holy reunion with the self this time - that is crystal clear to the mind’s eye.

Its only a matter of time till you see it unravel in front of you, your true emotional self as a staunch individual in the midst of a blurry of obstacles bolstering at you. Draw parallels with these monasteries cradled with an unflinching sense of warmth by mother nature, against the steed of the earth in all its forms - cliffs, mountains, lava surfaces.

The Monastery of The Holy Trinity

Featured in For Your Eyes Only, The Monastery of The Holy Trinity in Greece literally stands as an apt adaptation of the precipice of the larger proverb of ‘tip of the iceberg.’ Not just a monastery, but an idea that emboldens the complete understanding of the paradox of fear and faith in a gist, this one.

An aerial view of The Monastery of Holy Trinity (by Thomas Depenbusch)

A wider and closer view of the monastery (by Thomas Depenbusch)

The Hanging Monastery

Walled in with a cliff face and a rugged smoulder at its back, doesn’t shake the faith of the monastery to stand tall and levitate metaphorically by developing on its own sense of gravity. The Hanging Monastery among others in China, will stun and stomp at the same time.

A left hand view of The Hanging Monastery (by TaQpets)

A right hand view of the monastery (by TaQpets)

Taktsang Palphug Monastery

At the edge - that feeling will not be alien once at the Taktsang Palphug - the monastery. It may seem to be located at a pocket at the end of the world, but this sure is among one of the monasteries that is nestled with the air and comfort of a person afloat in the another realm of existence, right here in Bhutan. Clearly one of the most beautiful monasteries of the world.

A whirlwind view of the Taktsang Palphug Monastery (by babasteve)

Inching closer to the monastery (by zzkt)

Up, close and personal at the face of the monastery (by Thomas Wanhoff)

Popa Taungkalat Monastery

Standing atop a stratovolcano may not seem like the best way to be cloistered in a tranquil comfort of peace and divinity. Popa Taung Kalat Monastery in Burma, however will give you that opportunity to dissect the idea and reach a different conclusion eventually and embrace the fact that sometimes, to transcend metaphorically, you need to have a similar encounter in the literal sense of the idea.

Transcend - literally, metaphorically, figuratively (by exfordy)

Diskit Monastery

Once you have figured the best way to take that hike upwards to the monastery in question, the battle with one’s mind is half won, for the battle with the body, let’s just say, its not as simple as it seems. Not seemingly much of a problem for the traveller bound to Ladakh. The story uphill to one of these monasteries is quite something - that will bag you some revelry and gems of wisdom, sometimes just with the air of knowing that you will see in the gaze of overjoyed fellow monks. If there is any chance that you will visit Ladakh shortly, it is recommended that you visit the monastery. Also, in order to relish the best of the tour, try reaching Ladakh by Delhi to Ladakh cabs. The road trip is certainly worth!

A view from quite a distance from the monastery (by Ranzen)

Upfront at the doorstep of the monastery (by Kondephy)

Monastery Of Ostrog

A holy accomplice of Montenegro’s Serbian Orthodox Church, the Monastery Of Ostrog is a well framed place for the person who wills his/her wish to the end. The place is a sanctum for someone who believes in discipline to better themselves and bring out nothing but the best from that point on. Quite a statement for an imposing edifice with its own individuality stuck to a rock face.

The Monastery of Ostrog from close quarters (by chenyingphoto)

Monasteries on Popocatépetl Volcano’s slopes

The Popocatépetl Volcano’s southern and eastern parts are dotted with a string of fourteen monasteries. Eleven are located on the Morelos side and three on the Puebla strip, making the route quite a landmark for enchanted travellers to explore with the roving eye and the curious cat instinct. ‘The route of the monasteries,’ as it is called, will definitely give you a fresh perspective on America. Chew on that, while you exercise them sweat glands and adrenaline through rocky turfs and cliff hangings.

A serene monastery atop a volcano surface. Changes the composure that the picture speaks of, doesn't it? (by Adsojesus)

Travel forth to some mesmerising spots on earth, a monastery is clearly the best way to the sojourn inwards. They beckon you to do just that and you will not just see but live and sense the entire emotional experience of the phrase, “there is more than meets the eye,” rooted in a sense of pure bliss at that discovery all the way to any of these monasteries. Peace be upon you. Truly some of the most beautiful monasteries of the world.

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