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Shiva Prasad RK
Shiva Prasad RK
Take full 6 hrs to feel the bliss
21 Jun 2014
Standing in the banks of the Hoogly River, it has awesome architectural values ...they had spices of Hindu, Christian , Islamic designs to depict HUMANITY AS THE WHOLE RELIGION. Its spread over a wide area , where one has to walk bare footed longer, although green grasses are there to velvet ur feet. The wonderful choirs and chants just take u to the actual world u belong to...the eternity. There is even a place where prasad is given in lunch forms....kichudi sabji and yummm. Pin drop silence maintained museum is there to stroll where u imbibe plenty of knowlege. Lot of nature is in display inside too. Overall, it was great visiting this place. Planning for another visit in next Kolkata trip
Abhisek Ghosh
Abhisek Ghosh
A place where I belong
18 Jun 2014
Belur, WB is a place where I grown up and full of memories. The headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission is situated in Belur, which is one of the best place I ever visited.

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