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Kanika Nevatia Dec 19 2014

Best desserts around the world.

Reema Bhalla Dec 19 2014
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Check out these our list of the best desserts around the world. These treats are so delicious that you wouldn't mind skipping your meal and going straight for desserts.

Photo from Tovo Infusions

Cheesecake, Greece

A perfectly baked cheesecake is nothing less than a work of art. While the New York style cheesecake is the most popular version, there are many versions across the world. Cheesecakes are said to have originated in Greece. The biscuit base of this dessert contrasts beautifully with the creamy cheese mixture. The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place to sample and indulge in some really delicious cheesecake in flavours ranging from strawberry, passionfruit and pineapple to Oreo, chocolate and mocha. Try the cheesecake at Tovo Infusions in Chennai and you will be equally satisfied.

Photo from the official Facebook page

Trifle Pudding, England

Trifle pudding is a British classic that is famous across the globe. It is an absolutely delicious dessert made of rich and creamy layers of custard, cake, fruit and jelly.

Photo by brooklyn

Tiramisu, Italy

An Italian meal is just not complete without some tiramisu for desserts. Its name translates to “pick me up”. It is a coffee-flavoured dessert made with special light biscuits called ladyfingers, generous portions of rich mascarpone cheese, lots of dark aromatic coffee and a hint of cocoa. Cafe Diva in Delhi serves the most authentic version in India.

Photo by Alexis Fam

Waffles, Belgium

Belgium has made the world fall in love with waffles. Belgian waffles are light and crisp and are often served with cream, fruits, chocolate sauce and a soft dusting of powdered sugar.

Photo by Chin Tin Tin

Baklava, Turkey

Baklava is a delicious treat of sugar syrup coated phyllo pastry stuffed with nuts, especially walnuts, pistachios or hazelnuts. This famous Turkish pastry comes in an assortment of fillings and you can pick one as per your taste. If you can’t make it all the way to Turkey then try having some from Kunafa in Delhi or Marhaba in Mumbai which serves authentic baklava!

Photo by the official Facebook page

Pavlova, Australia

A popular dessert in Australia, Pavlova is made by topping a light, crunchy meringue crust with cream and fresh fruits like strawberry, kiwi, etc. It is one of the best desserts around the world.

Photo by AnnaCN

Opera Cake, France

French patisserie is the finest in the world. It is really difficult to pick just one dessert from an array of beautiful ones like souffles, creme brulees, crepes, etc. But one dessert that clearly shines above the rest and is one of the most artist French desserts is the opera cake. This elegant gateau is made with layers of ganache and buttercream sandwiched between layers of thin almond sponge cake slices topped with a chocolate glaze. L’Opera in India serves the best Indian version of this French dessert.

Photo by official Facebook page

Apple Pie, United States

There is something really comforting about the quintessential American apple pie. It is an incredibly popular dessert in the United States and is gaining popularity across the world. A rich pie pastry filled with sweetened apples seasoned with cinnamon is a dish every baker, whether professional or not, takes pride in making.

Photo by Dan Parsons

Thai Mango Sticky Rice, Thailand

A popular street food in Thailand, mango sticky rice is really delicious, fresh and offers an amazing blend of textures. The sweet sticky rice contrasts beautifully with the tangy sweetness of mangoes. Although most Thai people prefer a bowl of fruit as dessert, this is an indulgence for special occasions.

Photo by Dilys Ong

Gulab Jamun, India

Gulab jamun are deep-fried dough balls that are covered in a cardamom or rose-flavoured syrup. They are a must-have in winters and are often made during festivities.

Photo by Yosariyan

These are some of the best desserts around the world, which round up a meal perfectly!

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