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Pritha Manchanda Jan 29 2014

Which are the best luxury airlines in the world?

Kanika Nevatia Jan 29 2014
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For most of the travel fanatics out there a trip isn’t just about the destination, it’s as much about the the journey as well. When your flight can be as comfortable or even better than your hotel stay then even a journey lasting for hours can seem to end in a jiffy. This list of the best luxury airlines in the world will ensure that you travel in both comfort and style.

Japan Airlines - New JAL Suites

Your own peaceful sanctuary in the sky is what Japan Airlines aim to provide you with the new and improved First class JAL suites. The wood grain interiors in each suite ensure an extra edge of luxury all set to woo you. Order what you want and whenever you want from a range of delicacies which are apart of their Japanese or Western Menu. Don’t miss out on the wide wine and champagne selection offered in-flight. Let your journey be carefree with availability of amenity kits, relax wear clothes, medicines, health care products, portable air massagers and a selection of newspapers and magazines from the world over.

Their ever so famous entertainment system ‘MAGIC’, combined with the Bose noise cancellation headphones is bound to keep you hooked. When travelling in the select sectors offering these suites, giving them a shot will be absolutely worth your while. Since most the flights originate from Tokyo, taking advantage of Tokyo Tourism would also be a good idea.

Minimum Cost:
Round trip between Tokyo (Japan) and Los Angeles (USA) - INR - 9,50,000

Photo of New JAL Suite (by Official Website)

Singapore Airlines - Suites

Singapore Airlines is bound to redefine your travel experiences with their exuberant luxury offerings. Starting with those that are so luxurious that they are a class above even from the typical first class, the Singapore Airlines in flight suites, your very own rooms in the sky. Enjoy complete privacy with the sliding doors and sleep like a king or queen on the bed laid out specially for you with the finest linen. Dine on culinary delicacies of your choice with their Book the Cook service in which you can book a meal of your choice in advance. The entertainment system is bound to leave you spoilt for choice with a variety of entertainment options including video on demand.

They also have two first class options which may not be as lavish as the suites, but with their large seats that convert into comfortable beds they are also definitely a class apart from the others in the list of the most luxurious airlines in the world. The suites are available mostly in sectors starting from Singapore, so book wisely.

Minimum Cost: Suites
Round trip between Singapore and New York (USA) - INR 8,00,000

Photo of Dining in Singapore Airlines Suite (by Official Website)

Etihad Airways - Diamond First Class Suites

A perfect combination of glamour and grace, the luxurious feel of the Etihad is unlike any other airline you will ever see. Your very own personal suite aboard Etihad Airways comes equipped with a 23 inch cinematic widescreen entertainment system, your own personal chef, sliding doors for complete privacy, a mini bar, a built in massage system, state-of-the-art bed linen and your own set of lounge wear. Your bed will be extra wide and the cozy blankets will ensure a relaxation filled journey. You will also be given a luxury changing room to freshen up whenever you like.

The service is five star, and you can choose exactly when and how you want to be served. When the sound of luxury is this sweet, refraining from going that extra mile and spending lavishly is just impossible. So next time book your international trips via Abu Dhabi, with Etihad. You could also get a glimpse of Abu Dhabi Tourism if you chose to take a stop over.

Minimum Cost:
Round trip between Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Los Angeles (USA) - INR 7,80,000

Photo of Etihad Airways - Diamond First Class Suite (by Official Website)

Photo of hospitality on board Etihad Airways - Diamond First Class (by Official Website)

Emirates - First Class Private Suites

The Private Suites aboard the Emirates Airlines are sure to take you to another world of comfort and solace. Each suite is fully equipped with a sliding door, personal mini-bar, adjustable lights, and its own dressing table, mirror and wardrobe. The produce used for your meals is fresh and locally sourced, with each course prepared to perfection. The Emirates A380 also has on board two exclusive shower spas to ensure that the length of the journey doesn’t wear you out. The upper deck also houses an in flight lounge, where you can grab a bite, sip on some wine and relax. Alternately you could also interact with fellow travellers. And if you're keen on staying in your own suite, the vast choices offered by the entertainment system called ‘ICE’ will surely keep you occupied.

Another advantage of travelling with Emirates is that whether or not the flight originates in Dubai, you will surely get to glance at the magnificant Dubai Airport Terminal 3. And if you choose to stay over, the Dubai Travel Guide will show you a wide range of activities that you can do there.

Minimum Cost:
Round trip between Dubai (UAE) and Los Angeles (USA) - INR 7,50,000

Photo of Emirates First Class Private Suite (by Pyonko)

Jet Airways - Private Cabins

Jet Airways aims at providing you with your own personal bedroom 40,000 feet above the ground with their private cabins. You can choose from a wide selection of cuisines and create your own five course meals while taking advantage of their vast wine menu. The dual sliding doors give you complete privacy and your personal wardrobe ensures that you land in style.

The 23 inch flat screen that comes with a host of television programs and movies will ensure entertainment throughout the flight. A pair of Bose, noise cancelling headphones will ensure uninterrupted leisure. So when embarking on an international trip, don’t miss out on the luxurious Jet Airways - Private Cabins. At present in India the facility is available only when traveling from Mumbai.

Minimum Cost:
Round trip between Mumbai (India) and London (UK) - INR 4,00,000

Photo of Jet Airways - Private Cabin (by Official Website)

Don’t let the long journeys weigh you down, travel with grace and ease aboard the best luxury airlines in the world. Once you get a taste of this luxury you will never think of travelling in any other way.

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