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Jigyasha Prasad Apr 15 2014

What are the 10 best things to do in Bali?

Kanika Nevatia Apr 15 2014
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Planning to visit Bali? Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali is so diverse that every experience you have here is just breathtaking, ensuring you get closer to the best of Bali.

A walk to Pura Tanah Lot

Walk to this stunning rock formation and get your feet wet in the waves. One of the most famous places to visit in Bali, a visit to this pilgrimage site is sure to fill you with peace and tranquility.

Photo of Pura Talah Lot (by chensiyuan)

A day at the Dreamland Beach

Soak in some sun at this picturesque beach with powder-soft white sand and water so clear that you can see right through it. Dreamland Beach is the perfect place to relax, grab a bite and enjoy a lazy day. While relaxing on the beach, you can check out our list of some other popular beaches in Bali.

Photo of Dream Land beach (by Krismartin)

An underwater sea experience

To experience the best of Bali, explore what lies under water. Snorkelling and diving are both popular activities in Bali. Let the fishes swim around you as you admire their spectacular colours and the mesmerising reef formations. The World Diving Lembongan is a good option for diving.

Photo of Underwater Diving (by Kal Hilbertz)

View the Firedance spectacle

Out of the 10 best things to do in Bali, watching an authentic firedance is an absolute must do. Watch trained dancers perform their fiery cultural ritual. Be prepared for goosebumps to appear every now and then!

Photo of Firedance (by Muhd Rushdi Samsudin)

A visit to the Bird Park

Out of the various experiences in Bali planning a trip to the Bali Bird Park is one that you will always thank yourself for. With over 250 species of birds housed in this park, the diversity that these feathery creatures have to offer is sure to leave you spellbound.

Photo of Bali Bird Park (by ZeePack)

Indulge in some Balinese cuisine

Balinese cuisine is a treat for your tastebuds. Influenced by both Indian and Chinese cuisines, Balinese dishes are an explosion of flavours.Here is a list of some great places to eat in Bali.

Photo of Balinese Cuisine (by Gunawan Kartapranata)

A walk around a ricefield

One of the most interesting things to do to experience the best of Bali is to take a stroll around a lush green ricefield. A visit to the rice temple, is also a good idea while you’re at it.

Photo of Ricefield (by David Blackwell)

A picturesque hike

When you're in a place as beautiful as Bali then exploring it on foot just makes sense. So choose where you want to go for hike and set off on a journey that will be nothing less than a feast to your eyes. You could plan to visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls or simply pick a pretty hilltop and let the fun begin.

Photo of Bali (by Mariamichelle)

Relax at the spa

One cannot go to Bali and not indulge in some spa treatments. Balinese massages are world famous and will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The Aroma Spa Retreat is a good option.

Photo of Spa (by Matt @ Pek)

Enjoy some water sports

With so many sandy beaches all around, you have to try out some water sports. Surfing, kayaking and water skiing are definitely among the 10 best things to do in Bali. Pick a surfboard and let the waves do all the talking as you swish through the tide.

Photo of Surfing (by Jordy Meow)

Now that you know exactly how to make the best of Bali, start planning that trip! Also, don't miss checking out attractive packages in Bali to avail the best of offers.

Debasish Kundu May 05 2014
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I do like the same as picture so you are collected the huge picture,
Abundant Life Dec 03 2017
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Here's there are 51 top things to do in Bali, depends on what kinds of attractions you like. Hope it helps!
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