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Pritha Manchanda Oct 16 2015

Breads from around the world

Kanika Nevatia Oct 16 2015
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Probably the most commonly consumed breakfast food around the globe, a slice of bread is the perfect start to all our days! Ever wondered how many types you are yet to try? Check out this list of breads from around the world and start hunting at your local bakeries to find your favourite!

Baguette, France

Originating in France, a baguette is a long loaf of bread which is made generally with a basic lean dough. It tends to be soft on the inside but tough and crispy on the outside. Perfect for making garlic bread, you’ll get a loaf easily at your local bakery!


Pretzel, Germany

Shaped like a twisty knot, a pretzel is a German bread. Known for its “pretzel loop” the bread is shaped in a particular way. The bread is often seasoned with various toppings, spices and glazes. They can be both sweet and savoury.


Naan, India

Be it rotis, parathas or the ever so famous naan bread, India is known for its delicious flat breads! Made with fermented flour dough, this bread is prepared in a tandoor (clay oven) and eaten with piping hot Indian curries and lentils.


Focaccia, Italy

Focaccia is an Italian bread made with a pizza like dough. Flat in appearance, the bread is generally topped with a wide array of herbs, spices and vegetables along with olive oil. It is often eaten on its own as a snack or used to make sandwiches.


Pita Bread, Middle East

Known to have originated in the Middle East, pita bread is most commonly consumed with Lebanese food all around the world. This slightly leavened flat bread is hollow from inside and is often referred to as a “pita pocket”.


Pan de Muertos, México

Among the many well known breads from around the world, Pan de Muertos is a celebration of Mexican culture!Made during the Día de Muertos festival which is celebrated in November, it is a sweet and soft bread which is shaped like a bun and often sprinkled with sugar.


Pão de Queijo, Brazil

If you are planning on visiting Brazil any time soon, you simply have to try out one of their favourite snack and breakfast food, Pão de Queijo which is essentially a small round ball like bread mostly cheese flavoured.


Soda Bread, Ireland

There is no way you could visit Ireland and not gorge on a hearty loaf of soda bread. The leavening agent used in this bread is a bicarbonate of soda and buttermilk, instead of the more commonly used yeast, making it lighter in texture.


Scone, United Kingdom

Known to be a quick bread, the leavening agent used in making a scone is baking soda, giving it a rather cakey texture. Made in both sweet and savoury variants, in the United Kingdom they are commonly accompanied by jam and clotted cream.


Bagel, Poland

Though the Bagel is said to have originated in Poland, this bread is now a popular breakfast food around the globe. This ring shaped bread is boiled in water before being baked giving it a chewy and doughy interior, even with a much crisper interior.


This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg! There are so many more breads from around the world that it wouldn’t quite be possible to enlist them all here. Add to the list by leaving a comment and let us know of your favourite bread.
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