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Nikita Rudra Jul 22 2014

Can you suggest some tips on how to plan a budget travel?

Pritha Manchanda Jul 22 2014
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Travel more without emptying your bank with these useful tips on budget travel. Read on to find more on how simple things can help you save money while you explore the world.

Save money (by 401(K) 2013)

Plan in advance

Planning in advance helps in saving a lot of money. It’s always a good idea to browse through different travel websites and check for discounts on airfare, train fares, buses and hotels. Always plan a vacation during the off-season when tourist destinations are less crowded and are cheaper. For example, go skiing in early spring, when the slopes are still covered in snow rather than in the middle of winters, the peak season. Likewise, if you are planning a trip to Goa, plan a vacation around the monsoons as Goa is one of the best places to visit in monsoons in India.

Whisky beach (by Michael Loke)

Look for the right place

Plan a vacation to the less popular destinations as you’ll not only end up saving a lot of money on accommodation, eating joints and other activities but will also get to visit places hardly explored by anyone. The added advantage is that if tourism is just about kicking off in your preferred destination, the locals will be eager to please and will offer great deals and discounts. Also, check out these summer holiday destinations for budget travellers.

Kasol, one of the most less frequented stopovers in Himachal (by Grey cells)

Options for accommodation

A lot of information is available on the internet even on remote destinations so do research on stay options before heading out on a budget travel. Rent an apartment or look for vacation homes, smaller hotel chains, hostels or home exchanges that are willing to offer you discounts or free upgrades. Also, booking in advance means you will get better deals.

Ashirvad Ayurveda Homestay in Kerala (by peterwurst44)

Walk or use public transport

Exploring a city using a cab is a very expensive proposition in any city. Instead, do some research on the public transport available in your preferred destination. Places like Rome and London offer relatively cheap options like buses, trains and metros. Opt for day or week passes where available. These get you discounted rates and usually can be used for several modes of public transport. Walking is an excellent way of exploring and discovering a city. It’s free and you’ll get the real flavour of the city while you walk through its streets and alleys. Another great option is to rent a bicycle.

Metro (by mikeleeorg)

Shop at the local grocery stores or at open-air food markets

Eating your meals at a restaurant can throw your budget out of whack when you are on a shoestring budget. Shop for snacks, water and other food items at the local food market or grocery store to cut down on your expenses. If possible, rent an apartment with a kitchenette where you can rustle up a simple and inexpensive meal. Pick up fresh produce or ready-to-eat food at open air food markets--not only will it help you cut costs but is an excellent way of interacting with the locals. This is a good tip for a budget travel.

Local fruits and vegetable market (by LenDog64)

Know more about tax refunds

Filling up forms and keeping all receipts can actually help you save money. Some countries allow a refund on value added taxes. So hang on to all receipts of purchases made while travelling and get the VAT refunded at the airport on your way back home.

Travel light

Since airlines have started charging for almost everything now, it’s best to pack your belongings in a single bag instead of carrying too much luggage while you are planning a budget travel. Try to make sure that your bag will fit in the airplanes overhead bin. Pack clothes you can mix and match or layer so that you don't need to carry too many items. Also, today, most toiletries are available anywhere you go so don't pack big bottles of shampoo and conditioner or giant tubes of toothpaste and face wash. Carry small packs and shop locally if you run out. Wear your heaviest items like coats and sneakers while travelling--they tend to take up a bulk of luggage space. Check out these tips for packing luggage.

Luggage (by Pig Monkey)

Interact with the locals

It’s good to be friendly with the locals. They can provide a lot of information that you might not be able to get on a website or in a guide book. For example, they might be able to recommend cheaper ways of travelling between places or good places to buy knick-knacks and not get ripped off. Also, try eating at places frequented by locals. It is likely to be cheaper than those catering primarily to tourists and will probably have authentic versions of local dishes and not those created to suit the tourist’s palate.

Local-tourist interaction (by <Leonie Vienna>

Look for good exchange rates

Research online for good exchange centres to convert your cash to the local currency. All money exchange centres offer different rates of conversion. Even a small variation can affect your budget. So be thorough with your homework. For example, in France and Taiwan, the airport is the best place to find good exchange rates.

ATMs (by Jordan Sim)

Membership and group discounts

Many places including museums and theme parks offer discounts for children, students and seniors. Make sure to take your membership cards and ID proof to get discounts. Also, you can avail group discounts provided you are travelling with your friends to the same destination.

Membership cards (by Szente)

Now that you know of some tips for budget travel, plan your holiday without worrying too much about the money. And, just in case you are travelling alone, these useful tips for solo travellers will guide you in your journey. Be safe and share your experiences with us. Happy travelling.

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