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Etti Bali Nov 21 2014

Which are some of the popular bun dishes in India?

Kanika Nevatia Nov 21 2014
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Though it’s just a fluffed up bread, a bun can be used in just so many ways to flavour up a dish. Here’s telling you all about the bun, with dishes from all over India that would be incomplete without this ever so essential component!

Pav Bhaji

A Maharashtrian delicacy with scrumptious interpretations made all over the country, this dish comprises a spicy vegetable preparation made with a mixture of mashed vegetables with a dollop of butter, served with onions, lemon and steaming hot pavs (buns) heated and then smeared with loads of butter on a pan. One portion is never enough!

Pav Bhaji (by denharsh)


Originating in the state of Gujarat Dabeli is a spicy snack made by mixing boiled potatoes with a special masala, and putting the mixture between a bun. It is served with chutneys made from tamarind, date, garlic, red chilies and much more. It is often garnished with pomegranate and roasted peanuts.

Dabeli (by Unlisted Sightings)

Vada Pav

If you want to get a taste of the quintessential Indian burger then grab a vada pav, which is made by sandwiching a batata vada (potato fritter) between a pav (bun) along with a special spicy masala. A hot favourite in the city of Mumbai, you will find street stalls selling them at every nook and corner of the city. Now available all over the country, if you haven't had one you must try it soon!

Vada Pav (by Deepeshmd)

Egg Banjo

Put together a freshly baked bun and a steaming hot omelette and you’ve got yourself a delicious egg banjo. A very well known breakfast delicacy in the city of Indore, visit the ever so famous Chappan Bazaar (Palasia Road) market for some authentic flavours. You could also try making your own version at home!

Buns (by Jodimichelle) & Omellete (by Valdavia)

Misal Pav

Another one of the bun dishes in India; a delicacy from the state of Maharashtra, misal pav consists of a spicy curry usually prepared with matki (sprouted moth beans) and kutt (chilly powder gravy). The dish is topped with potato chiwda mix, and sev (Indian savory snacks), onions, lemon and coriander. It is served with pav (bun) and buttermilk or curd and papadum.

Misal Pav (by Ketan.wa)

Bun Tikki

You’ve probably come across various street hawkers with boards saying “Indian Burger” especially if you’ve grown up in the city of Delhi. Next time pull over to one of these stalls and try a portion of bun tikki, which is basically a crisp cutlet made of potatoes often containing vegetables such as carrots, peas and beans, sandwiched between a bun. Often served with ketchup or a coriander chutney, it is quite a delicious snack!

Indian Burger (by rabanito)

Keema Pav

Keema pav consists of minced chicken (or any other meat) curry with peas or potatoes served with steaming hot pavs (buns) toasted with some butter. A very popular street food in Mumbai, the delicacy is also available in other parts of the country.

Keema Pav (by kspoddar)

Masala/Stuffed Bun

From buns stuffed with paneer (cottage cheese), aloo (potatoes) or mix vegetables to those topped with a tangy tomato paste and Indian masalasand cooked over a girdle, a masala or stuffed bun is the ideal tea time Indian snack. Readily available at your neighbourhood bakery, you can also make your own version!

Stuffed Bun (by Evilmonkey0013 at English Wikipedia)

Now that you know all about the bun, it’s time to try all these dishes one at a time. You surely have a few more bun dishes on your mind as well--do leave a comment and add to the list. Bon Apetit!

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