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Ahmedabad to Una Buses

Looking for a bus from Ahmedabad to Una? ixigo provides online bus booking services for Ahmedabad to Una travellers! 12 bus operators run 12 buses on this route. Get all the necessary details such as - fare, timing, seat availability, and route for Ahmedabad to Una bus booking. Also, you can apply filters for bus types like sleeper, AC, Non-AC, Semi-Sleeper, departure time, bus operators, boarding & pickup point while booking bus tickets on this route. Bus travellers can save money by availing ixigo offers. With ixigo, you can choose the return journey option and book Una to Ahmedabad bus tickets.
Hirani Travels (Ahmedabad)
9hr 45min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
16 seats left
Shree Jalaram Viral
11hr 45min
AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
32 seats left
Girnar TravelsR K Travels
9hr 55min
NON-AC Sleeper
Starts from
36 seats left
Jay Vagadiya Travels
9hr 20min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
10 seats left
Bharat Travels
7hr 30min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
36 seats left
Bapa Sitaram Travels (Una)
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
14 seats left
Bhumi Travels (Surat)
9hr 15min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
12 seats left
Jay Babaraj Travels
8hr 15min
NON-AC Sleeper
Starts from
36 seats left
Raj ExpressRAJ EX
7hr 41min
NON-AC Sleeper
Starts from
23 seats left
Trimurti Travels
9hr 30min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
34 seats left
J.K. Travels (Surat)
10hr 50min
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
14 seats left
Ekta Travels
NON-AC Sleeper (2 + 1)
Starts from
20 seats left

About Ahmedabad To Una Bus

Travelling from Ahmedabad to Una in a bus is fast, comfortable and safe. ixigo offers online bus booking services for passengers travelling from Ahmedabad to Una. A total of 12 bus operators run 12 buses on this particular route. With ixigo, you can get all the details like bus fares, timings and travel time for the Ahmedabad to Una route at your fingertips!

Ahmedabad To Una Bus Travel Time and Fare

It takes about 9hr 28min to travel from Ahmedabad to Una. On this route, the bus with the lowest fare charges ₹100.

First Bus From Ahmedabad To Una

The first bus that departs from Ahmedabad is operated by Hirani Travels (Ahmedabad) at 18:30 and arrives in Una at 04:15. The fare for this bus is ₹460.

Last Bus From Ahmedabad To Una

The last bus that departs from Ahmedabad to Una is operated by Ekta Travels at 21:00 and the fare for this bus is ₹999. This bus arrives in Una at 06:00. On this route, the bus with the lowest fare is operated by Bhumi Travels (Surat), whereas Raj ExpressRAJ EX operates the largest number of buses. 

Fastest Bus From Ahmedabad To Una

The fastest bus for this route is Bharat Travels which departs from Ahmedabad at 19:30 and arrives in Una at 03:00. The fare for this bus is ₹450.

Discounts & Offers on Ahmedabad to Una Bus Ticket Booking 

Now enjoy travelling at the best prices with offers by ixigo! ixigo has curated several kinds of offers in order to provide the best deal to its customers. One can also enjoy exclusive deals from various popular payment wallets. All you need to do is visit ixigo offers page to explore all the amazing bus offers and save on bus booking from Ahmedabad to Una. Now booking bus tickets online is simple, safe and secure with ixigo. 

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Boarding Points in Ahmedabad

NIkol Gam PARKING -Near Pam Hotel 07925450122,07925461274, Shrihari HK Sagar Travels, Nr. Patel Kapad Market,Khodiyarnagar,Bapunagar 9328180657,07922700777,07922700666, unnati travels 9979881489,07925450122,07925461274, H.K.TRAVELS (ST STEND) 07925450122,07925461274 07925450122,07925461274, H K Travels Paldi Cross Road-9429893289,07925450122,07925461274 997988148907926581623, Shree Hari H K Travels(satellite) 9979881487,07925450122,07925461274 9979881487,07925450122,07925461274, ISCON AND OF FLYOVER BRIDGE-07925450122,07925461274 09979881489,07926575660, Ujala circle , Sunraish Hotel, Sarkhej Rajkot Highway -07925450122,07925461274 07925450122,07925461274, Nikol, Khodiyar Mandir Nikol, Jivanwadi, Uttamnagar, Thakkarnagar - Bapunagar, Geeta Mandir (S.T. Stand), Paldi, Satellite, Karnavati Club, Ujala Sunrise hotel, Bavla - Sanand Chokdi, Khodiyar mandir nikol 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441 , Nikol bapasitaram parking 9898942416,, Thakkarnagar near pavan parcel 079- 26580036,26576130,9426621268, 9825097441, Khodiyar nagar cross road 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, S.t stand near hp petrol pump 079- 26580036, 8000777441, Paldi cross r.k travels (girnar travels) 079- 26580036, 9426621268, Satellite opp star bazar 079- 26580036,26576130,9426621268, 9825097441, Iscon gunthiya 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, Prahladnagar 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, Ujala hotel sarkhej cross road 079- 26580036,8320830928, Sanathal chodi khodiyar hotel same 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, Bavla sanand chokdi 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, Bagodra chokdi 079-26580036,942662168,9825097441, Haridham Parking, Pam Hotel, Ring Road - 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, jay shree ramdev nishant bunglow road 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Khodiyal Mandir , Nikol 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Jivanvadi, Harsiddhi Travels - 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Dhruv Vero, Nikol Cenal -7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Uttamnagar, Ramadhani Travels 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Jay Babaraj Travels, 80ft Uttamngar 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Khodiyalnagar,Patel Market 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Thakkarngar Approach, Pavan Parcel, LG Show Room 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, S.T Stand,Bhutni Amli,Nr Hp Patrol Pump, Gitamandir - 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Paldi, Jay Babaraj Travels, Laxmi Bhavan, Opp Krushi Bhavan Near Ramesh Corporation 9727273375,07926570129, Shivranjani Char rasta Nehru Nagar road 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, satellite ,Opp star bazaar, BRTS Bus stand 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Iscon Gathiya Opp Karnavati Club 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Honest Restaurant,prahladnagar * 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Ujala Circle, Sunrais Hotel - 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Sarkhej Sanatal Chowkdi Khodal Hotel 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Bavala Sanand Cross Road - 7878783375 07922703112,13,7878782354,7878783375, Odhav Ring Road Opp Palm Hotel, Jivanvadi Nikol Road 2400 07922732400, Khodiyar Mandir 2400 07922732400, Uttam Nagar 2400 07922732400, Khodiyar Nagar 2400 07922732400, Thakkar Nagar Approach Nilkamal Tr 2400 07922732400, S T Gita Mandir 3394 07926579667, Paldi Raj Express 3394 / 07926579667, Nehrunagar Circle 3394 07926579667, Shivranjani Cross Road 3394 07926579667, Satellite Opp Star Bazar 3394 07926579667, Iscon Circle 3394 07926579667, Ujala Sunrise Hotel 3394 07926579667, haridham parking 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Sanidhyapark, Bapa Sitaram Travels 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, khodiyar mandir nikol 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Jivanvadi, Bapa Sitram Travels 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Uttamnagar, Bapa Sitaram Travels 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, khodiyarnagar, Bapa Sitaram Travels, 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Thakkarnagar Approach - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Bapunagar St Bus Stand 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Geetamandir Bhut Ni Ambli - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Paldi Char Rasta CNG Pump - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Shree Shahjanand Travels,Anil Kunj Complex,Nr.Paldi Cross Road,Paldi,Ahmedabad 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Nehrunagar Cross Road -07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Shivranjani Cross Road - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Jodhpur Opp Starbazar - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Iscon Cross Road - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Prahlad Nagar Near Honest - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Ujala Sunrise Hotel - 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057 07922703342,9898424100,8980085057, Raj Travels Khodiyar Nagar , Uniti Travels Agency khodiyar Nagar 9429893291, Mahasagar Travels Thakkarnagar Approach 9724337151, Uttamnagar, Nikolgam Road 9724337151,9978447373, Jalaram Travels, Jivanwadi Nikolgam 9978447373, Khodiyar Temple, Nikol 9978447373, Saubhagya Hotel, Aslali Circle , Khodal Hotel Sanathal Circle , Parking haridham, pam hotel ni bajuma, odhav ring road,, Nikol gaam, khodiyal mandir , Jay shree jalaram travels nikol jivanwadi, Dhruv travels vero, Uttamnagar satadhar travels,intercom., Uttamnagar,80ft road jay babaraj travels intercom., Khodiyarnagar shivangi travels , Thakkarnagar aproch, pavan parcel inter com., S t stand paavan travels, Paldi jaybabaraj travels.7878783375..inter.3112.3113 , Paldi jaybabaraj travels.7878783375 9727273375, Satellite paavan travels -ratnamani complex,, Iscon circle mo., Sarkhej sanatal ring road chokdi khodal hotel mo.7878783375/7878782354, Thakkarnagar approch intercom,3394/9925417966 , S t stand near lati bazar 9925417966, Paldi, raj express (pickup by auto) i.c 3394/ 9925417966, Satellite someshwar complex opp star bazar 9925417966, Iscon high way wide angle cinema pase 3394/9925417966, Ujala circle, raj express hot line 3394/ 9925417966, Haridham Parcking, Jayshree Ramdev Nikol, Khodiyar Nagar, Trimurti Travels Thakkarnagar, ST Geeta Mandir -JK Travels (Picup By Auto), Paldi Cng Pump, Satellite, Iscon Gathiya, Prahladnagar, Ujala Chokdi, Bapasitaram Parking 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Nikol Khodiyar Mandir 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Nikol Jivanvadi Jay Shree Jalaram 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Dhruv Vero 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Utamnagar Satadhar Travels 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Khodiyarnagar Shivagi Travels 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Thakar Nagar Approch 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Bapunagar Approch 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, Gita Mandir, S.T Stand 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, paulo travela,,shefali centre,paldi char Rasta 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, Neharu Nagar 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, Satellite 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, Iscon 9824864494,,07922745304,,07922745305, Iscon Gathiya , Ujala Sunraiz Hotel 9824864494,07922745304,07922745305, Nikol Khodiyar Mandir, Shree Neelkanth Ekta Travels 07922746314,07922771596,9722980236, Uttam Nagar- Shree Neelkanth Travels-07922746314,07922771596,9722980236 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Khodiyar Nagar Shree Nilkanth Ekta Travels 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Thakkar Nagar Aproch, Shree Nilkanth Ekta Travels, Hiren Chember Shop No-16 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Geetamandir Bhoot Ni Ambli BRTS Bus stop ni same petrol pump-07922746314,07922771596,9722980236 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Paldi Maruti travels,NearGopal Bhavan Marshal Hotel ni Same, V S Hospital Road- 07922746314,07922746314,07926577768,9998857863 07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Satellite, Nand travels- 07922746314,07922771596,9722980236 07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, S.G Highway, Opp.Karnavati Club 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Ujala Chokdi - 9722980236 9722980236,07922746314,07922771596,7802854797, Sanathal Circle, Khodal hotel.
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Dropping Points in Una

H.K.HIRANI TRAVELS SHOPE NO. 2 OPP.S T STEND RADHE COMPLEX , Una Shree Jalaram Viral, S t bus stand road, girnar travels, Una, Anand Vatika Road, Delvada - Ram Mandir, Gangda, Near Ashok Guest House, Samter, Vyajpur , Shyam Travels - 9905579999,9913871111,9664843464, Bharat Express, Ashok Guest House, S t bus stand road, girnar travels, S t bus stand road, girnar travels, Una Bus Stop, Nagar Palika Bhavan Shop No 2, Trikon Baug Una
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Ahmedabad to Una Buses - FAQs

  • Q. What is the lowest bus fare when travelling from Ahmedabad to Una?

    A. The lowest bus fare from Ahmedabad to Una is ₹100. Book Now

  • Q. How many buses currently run from Ahmedabad to Una?

    A. 12 buses currently run from Ahmedabad to Una route when booking through ixigo.

  • Q. How much time does it take to travel from Ahmedabad to Una by bus?

    A. When travelling by bus from Ahmedabad to Una, it takes approximately 9hr 28min. Click here to book

  • Q. When does the first bus departs from Ahmedabad to Una?

    A. The first bus to depart from Ahmedabad to Una is at 18:30.

  • Q. When the does the last bus depart for Una from Ahmedabad?

    A. The last bus to depart for Una from Ahmedabad is at 21:00.

  • Q. Name the fastest bus from Ahmedabad to Una?

    A. The fastest bus from Ahmedabad to Una is Bharat Travels and the earliest departure time is at 19:30.

  • Q. Which are the bus operators that provide lowest fares from Ahmedabad to Una?

    A. The bus operators that provides the lowest fares from Ahmedabad to Una are Bhumi Travels (Surat).

  • Q. Which are some of the high-demand & trending bus routes in India?

    A. Here’re some of the high-demand & trending bus routes in India :

    1. Bangalore to Hyderabad

    2. Hyderabad to Bangalore

    3. Delhi to Dehradun

    4. Delhi to Lucknow

  • Q. How to book bus tickets online from Ahmedabad to Una with ixigo?

    A. Booking bus tickets from Ahmedabad to Una can be done in 8 simple steps:

    1. Visit or open the ixigo trains or ixigo flights app and select the ‘buses’ option.

    2. Enter the boarding city, destination city and the date of travel.

    3. Hit the search button.

    4. Select the bus operator of your choice using filters like time, seating comfort, operator rating, AC/Non-Ac etc.

    5. Select the number of seats based on your preference. Click on book and then select the boarding and drop-off points.

    6. Enter passenger details.

    7. Choose an offer. ixigo always has exciting ongoing offers!

    8. Pay securely using any of our multiple payment options and that’s it!

  • Q. What are the payment options I can use to book Ahmedabad to Una bus tickets on ixigo?

    A. Book your Ahmedabad to Una bus tickets on ixigo and pay with any of these convenient options:

    a. Net banking

    b. Credit/Debit Card

    c. Wallets (Amazon, Free Charge, PayU).