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Kapil Gumasta Feb 26 2014

Can you tell me about exclusive clubs for women travellers in India?

Benazir Khan Feb 26 2014
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Adrenaline spikes can bring out a drive, a zest, a zeal from the wallow of your insides. What do you picture? Women travellers? Or a man geared up to run, walk, sprint, bike ride or vroom away in a car and simply let it out? Well, it’s time you saw the larger picture - the woman on the forefront, playing the game - her own way.

A photo of an avid bike rider (by The Bikerni - Official Facebook Page)

Womanhood then stands as an armour of conviction by itself, slowly but steadily dissecting the suspicions associated with their strength and stamina. In this context, some women riding bikes and trekking their way to greater heights are headlines which come to the fore, and pleasantly so.

The Bikerni

A fast growing movement and association, found out of the mutual will and wish to empower women through mustering symbols of mass consumption; engages in bike riding tours of a diverse kind. Objectives charted out here do not only look to connect women with bikes and give them the much glorified rush of the biking experience, but also seeks to teach amateurs or any woman willing to learn to ride the good old motorcycle.

A photo of The Bikerni (by Official Facebook Page)

Tours through India and similar road journeys give the women involved a foray into an experience of freedom like they have never known before. What tops the nothing like anything experience is the blurring or the complete diminishing of the activity as a manly domain - as both the visual and the rooted experience make it clear. The symbol of steel and steed is now every “bikerni” on the go!

Hop On Gurls

Take that a notch above the what has been asserted of steel and steed to strength and stamina here. This Bangalore-based association attempts to redefine gender stereotypes by hiking the stakes involved in the motorcycling game. The club does not simply encourage and exemplify avid women motorbike riders but also trains, teaches and encourages them to take up the heaviest known in them all - Royal Enfield Bikes.

A photo of Hop On Gurls (by Official Facebook Page)

Weighing around 180 kgs, interested women are trained and taught to ride these heavy automobiles with elan in Bangalore. What makes this interesting is that the very vision of Royal Enfield, defines the make and the look of a rugged man on the go - a definition of manhood, as it were. And this is exactly the bubble that this bunch of flirty, fun and frolic women travellers is out to burst. If the travel bug has already cast its spell on you, then it would also do you a whale of good to read up on some travel groups for women in India.

The Regals

Royal Enfield women riders in Mumbai. This is how they like to define themselves with an interesting amount of the weight leaning on the word - ‘royal.’ The pop song comes alive with its vigour when you even so much as begin to take a look at the bikes parked on bay, ready to be taken over by ladies who can and will overthrow the monarchy. Splendour reigns supreme as they believe in the magic of all things associated with their femininity and wouldn’t give up on that to simply assume the extraneous becomings of a man to prove that they stand in the same equal stead.

A photo of The Regals (by Official Facebook Page)

Mumbai is definitely living up to some women’s hopes and expectations here! What you see ultimately is a portrait which reeks of a balance of craft, traits and gender associates. Unfocused on bringing the other gender down, but concentrated on making the most of their lofty ambitions without any of the biases that patriarchy brings to the table on the way.

Chennai Trekking Club - Women’s Forum

The forum found on the leverage of the large number of women willing to go on treks near, far and wide is the best answer to how notions of trekking are under the scanner. Trekking through greens, boulders, rocky hills, mountains, exploring gorges, ravines and waterfalls, in Chennai, is not an exotic notion among these women anymore. Quite akin to the manner in which we have grown up picturing most travellers muster the courage to do so is the the free spirit of these lofty birds who like to go distances and fly heights.

A photo of Chennai Trekking Club (by Ravi S. Ghosh)

The forum was a discussion panel thrown open to address issues with women, about nitty gritties and larger issues that need addressing and a sensitive approach towards it by the women, of the women and for the women. A checklist for women travelling under any kind of circuit, this is a blessing for the outdoorsy and a much needed democracy at its perusal.

The Women on Wanderlust Group

Wanderlust - a designated term for most travel lovers, stands as a syllogism for this group. Founded and established on the principle that women who even aspire to travel can do so without as much as another thought crossing their minds or batting an eyelid, this club is a halo for the single woman traveller. It comes closest to addressing the little grievances of the problems of choice that an everyday urbane woman faces when aspiring to travel however closeby or far away. They organise and even go on international trips - to Leh Ladakh, South America, France even.

A photo of WOW (by Official Facebook Page)

Ladies with husbands who love being home birds, divorcees, singles, or simply women who are more enthusiastic than their peers or partners about the idea of travel can find their halo here. Travel may never be used as a loose term again, as the trip does take you far and wide with friends who can turn out to be soul sisters for a lifetime. Safe hotel options for women then - the courageous and free-spirited few, are a good way to go.

Sit back and watch the tables turn around, with these women travellers, as femininity gets ascribed as the new way of machismo!
Malvika Mayur Mar 09 2016
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Hey Kapil!

Well, I happened to research on the same a few days back. My mom wanted to take a trip alone for the first time, and I wanted to make sure she went with the right club.

After tons of research, I came across a few exclusive women's clubs, and finalised on one called - Byond Travel. They have been in the industry for long, and are known for their fantastic women only trips to exotic places like Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Bhutan, Vietnam/Cambodia, Croatia, Russia and the likes. They offered me a variety of options throughout the year, and helped with every detail required.

I also spoke to a few other women who had been on a trip with Byond and I was surprised by the enthusiasm they showed while talking about their experiences. Infact, some have registered for the next one already.

Another reason I chose Byond was because the itinerary was everything but ordinary. When compared to others, Byond has to offer something beyond touristy stuff. They have arranged for dinners with the locals, cooking classes, dance workshops, archery competition, island hopping, stay in bedouin camps, accommodation in hotels which are experiences in themselves, enough free time to go about on your own, a local guide & someone from their team to make sure everything is fine.

Lastly, the people have been really nice to me, clarifying every doubt that I had. Having said that, I hope my Mom has a great trip :)

Hope this helped!
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