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kanan budhiraja Sep 02 2015

Suggest some of the best car-free places in the world

Pritha Manchanda Sep 02 2015
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What if there were no cars and all you had to do was rent a bike or walk down the entire stretch to reach your preferred location? Strange, we know. Well, there are many car-free places that keep you away from parking and traffic issues. No noise, no dust and no spending money on petrol--wow, life is good!

Sark, United Kingdom

Perfect for biking and witnessing beautiful landscapes, Sark in United Kingdom is where you can head for a peaceful yet adventurous vacation. Since no cars are allowed here, the only transport options available here include cycling, horse-drawn carriages and even tractors. And if you don’t wish to take either of these, travel on foot to explore the place like a local!

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Venice, Italy

If cars were allowed, the streets of Venice wouldn’t be that narrow and restricted and most important not as beautiful as they are now. The locals as well as tourists take the waterbus to explore Venice and its nearby islands. Even the famous canals are travelled on a flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat called gondola.


Hydra, Greece

Known for its stunning blue waters, inviting architecture and amazing walking paths, Hydra in Greece is no less than a paradise. There are traditional taxi boats that let you explore the place at its best! The cobbled streets don’t welcome wheeled vehicles (scooters/cars). Now step out totally carefree!


Giethoorn, Netherlands

Also known as “Dutch Venice”, Giethoorn is a picturesque place that looks no less than a canvas painting. What attracts tourists here are the bridges arched over the canals that make for a beautiful sight. And yes, there are 180 bridges in the town--quite a number, we must say!


Zermatt, Switzerland

A trip to Zermatt in Switzerland is a must for those who want to enjoy a pollution-free vacation. The alpine town doesn’t allow cars and thus there is no dust nor pollution. Besides a peaceful vacation, one can come here for adventurous winter sports including skiing.


Fes el-Bali, Morocco

Where your foot does all the walking! Also known as Old Fes, Fes el-Bali in Morocco is one of the biggest car-free urban wonderland. No cars are functional here owing to the zigzag hedges and paths this area boasts of. From restaurants to mosques, this place has something for everyone!


Mackinac Island, Michigan

Known to be a popular summer resort for nature lovers, family vacations and history buffs, Mackinac Island is one of the best places to visit in Michigan. Interestingly, all the motor vehicles were banned here in 1898. You’ll immediately get a vintage feel the moment you step on this island, thanks to the horse-drawn carriages and bicycles being its only mode of transportation.


La Cumbrecita, Argentina

A town that follows a “pedestrian-only” policy is none other than La Cumbrecita in Argentina. This hilly picturesque village offers several options for tourists, be it hiking the beautiful trails, camping under the stars or getting wet under the cascading waterfalls.

Now that you know of these car-free places, get ready for a “pollution-free” vacation. Hiking trails, horse carriages and boat rides--only fun awaits you!
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