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Tanu Singh
Tanu Singh
Great religious place .
24 Jun 2014
Its an great religious place i had ever seen in my entire life. The whole district is full temples. It is a place where Lord Ram spend his 14 years . It is situated In Madhya Pradesh . There were big mountains with lots of trees and many more things. I had gone to Hanuman Dharshan which was many feet above i had crossed more than 700 stairs . A lot of monkeys were also there. Which were roaming here and there. Saints must go there.
John Ki
John Ki
18 Jun 2014
You have to visit this place. I had a chance to visit this place when I was a kid and I liked it so much. They do trips around all must visit places here. One should go with that. Hanuman dhara mountain journey is so exciting and rewarding. Caves, rivers, mountains you get to see all here.
Kapil Gumasta
Kapil Gumasta
28 Mar 2014
Beautiful place mostly visited by pilgrims. Beware of Langurs when you visit hanuman temple on the hill.

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