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Jigyasha Prasad Feb 12 2015

Which are some countries where the Indian Rupee is stronger than the local currency?

Kanika Nevatia Feb 12 2015
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Check out these countries where the Indian Rupee is stronger than the local currency, making splurging all the more easy for you. So simply pack your bags and enjoy your trip, knowing that you are sure to feel rich!

Vietnam (1 INR = 341.15 Vietnamese Dong)

A backpackers paradise, some of the most visited cities in Vietnam are, Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hai Phong. The architecture is spellbinding and you will surely be able to pick up some amazing souvenirs. There is so much to explore in the country, from timeless pagodas and temples to museums and modern malls.

Iceland (1 INR = 2.11 Icelandic Króna)

If there is any reason apart from the low currency exchange rate that should take you to Iceland, than it is simply to lay your eyes on the enchanting Northern Lights. Some of the must see attractions in the country include the Gullfoss Waterfalls, Vatnajokull National Park, Dynjandi and many more mesmerising sights of nature!

Costa Rica (1 INR = 8.36 Costa Rican Colón)

From a wide array of flora and fauna to lush green landscapes, Costa Rica is so beautiful that you will simply stare in awe! Hit the beach, grab a few drinks and soak in the summer sun as you relax on a vacation here. You could also visit one of the many national parks in the country to spot some exquisite wildlife.

Sri Lanka (1 INR = 2.09 Sri Lankan Rupee)

Enveloped by nature’s beauty, Sri Lanka is a country you can simply not get enough of. Colombo is full of ancient architectural structures such as churches and Buddhist sculptures among other things to explore. You could also visit Nuwara Eliya to experience the rich heritage and greenery of the region.

Nepal (1 INR = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee)

There is so much to see, do and explore in Nepal. You could try your hand at some of the casinos, take a trip to the Himalayas and get a glimpse of the mighty Mount Everest or visit the glorious Buddhist temples. One of the countries where the Indian Rupee is stronger, Nepal is also the perfect place for tonnes of cheap shopping.

If you want to capture the sight of Himalayas, Mount Everest then book any of Nepal tour packages, pack your bag and kick start your journey!!!

Indonesia (1 INR = 204.52 Indonesian Rupiah)

With the increasing popularity of Bali as a favourite tourist destination, you can’t help but plan a trip to Indonesia. Soak in some sun while lazing on the white sand beaches. Feast on some lip-smacking Indonesian delicacies or take a trip to the magnificently constructed temples for an unforgettable time.

Mongolia (1 INR = 31.09 Mongolian Tugrik)

Known for its natural beauty, you are sure to enjoy the great outdoors in Mongolia. Take a horse ride or visit some of the wonderful attractions such as the majestic Gandantegchinlen Monastery, Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park, the Flaming Cliffs and so much more.

Cambodia (1 INR = 62.59 Cambodian Riel)

Known for its rich cultural heritage and history, there are so many reasons to visit Cambodia. There are various places that one can visit here including the Royal Palace - Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat, Preah Monivong National Park and Cambodian Cultural Village among so much more. The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is a beautiful tourist destination in itself!

Paraguay (1 INR = 81.45 Paraguayan Guarani)

If you wish to travel to a land less explored then plan your next vacation to Paraguay, for an authentic South American experience. From exotic natural reserves to a host of man made attractions there is so much to see and do in Paraguay. Explore the national parks and countryside villages or shop at some posh malls; there is a little bit or something for everyone here!

Hungary (1 INR = 4.45 Hungarian Forint)

Plush with architectural marvels, Hungary presents to you the perfect combination between history, culture and natural beauty. Explore some Roman ruins and medieval town houses or visit some of the most exquisite hot springs of the world. Make sure to feast on some of the delicious local food while you’re there.

These are just some of the countries where the Indian Rupee is stronger than the local currency. Feel a lot more richer as you explore these wonderful nations!

Swaraj sahu Feb 13 2015
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Arun Joseph Feb 13 2015
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Kenya. You can experience wonderful wildlife. Less expensive and INR is strong. 
Srujana Reddy Feb 14 2015
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Unfortunately In most of these countries other country dollars are much preferred than INR. In fact in Cambodia US dollars are unofficial currency!!!
Sandeep Babal Feb 17 2015
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Even Japan
Rajaram Pareek Sep 10 2015
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Pooja Singh Sep 30 2015
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May I visit Belarus with comfortable package
yes u can visit .contact me @ [email protected]
Nishi Aggarwal Oct 04 2015
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Not a very good list as it does not account for purchasing power  parity. E.g. Japanese yen might look cheaper on the exchange rate but a holiday there can be as expensive as in Europe.
Would be interesting to see a list based on PPP.
Travel Mosafer Oct 17 2016
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It's time to carry our backpack and explore the world. My feet is itching seeing this beautiful paradise. I long to wander where my feet would bring me.
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