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Pritha Manchanda Jul 15 2015

Crazy travellers from around the world

Ria Dutta Jul 15 2015
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If you thought yourself to be adventurous, here is what many others are up to. We introduce you to these crazy globetrotters who travelled around the world in their own unique way.

So come join us on this ride of crazy travellers from around the world

High Five the World

Giving your friends high five is not a big deal right? How about HIGH FIVING to the world. Sounds crazy right? Craig Lewis from Australia did exactly the same. Lewis gave up his job and travelled to 36 countries in a little over a year, so that he can high five around the world.

20 Times Around the Planet

Sounds unbelievable right? Gunther Holtorf, a former German airline executive started his journey way back in 1989 with his wife and finally finished his 24-year road trip after driving 556,000 miles across 215 countries. Holtorf with his Mercedes Benz G Wagen may start a new journey very soon.

Let’s Click Some Selfies

Tired of watching the same old selfies? Alex Chacon can help you in believing selfies are more than just pretty faces. How? Read on. This medical student set on a world journey on a motorcycle with the sole intention of getting his selfies clicked in every nation he visited. So far he has covered 200,000+ Km, 41+ Countries, 75+ borders and 5 continents using a Go Pro camera on a stick to record snippets of selfie videos.

Video Around the World

Want to go on a world tour right now? Hop on, Kien Lam from San-Francisco has travelled to 17 countries in 343 days and he has some 10,000 photographs of his incredible journey. His video around the world in 4 minutes will make you travel like you have never done before.

5 Continents in 1 Day

Two globetrotters, Adrian Butterworth and Gunnar Garfors made to the Guinness World Record Books after they travelled to five continents in ONE day! It took them 28 hours and 25 minutes, now are you wondering how they made it? Due to the different time zones, they landed in the same calendar day. Smart enough!

Grow Beard in Style

Why grow your beard in the usual way when you can grow them on the go and mark it to changing destination. Christoph Rehage walked the length and breadth of the populous country China for a year (4500 km) with one photo each day in different location. From Beijing to Ürümqi, he toured the country on foot. Given below is a glimpse of his journey.

Dancing Around the World

What better way to travel the world than by dancing with the people you meet. Sounds fun right? Matt Harding, an American traveller had fun dancing his way to 42 countries with a cast of thousands. This unique way of travelling across the world took him only 14 months.

How About a Family Holiday?

Family holiday! What is so unique about it? Well, when the vacation is for 365 days it is surely bound to be exciting. We are talking about Jason Smith who travelled around the world for a whole year with his wife and two kids- a family gap year. Places like South Africa, Costa Rica and many more. Wao! We all need a family like this.

We know all you want to do right now is pack your bags and just start travelling the world, and become one of the crazy travellers from around the world not to worry, the feelings are mutual! So if you liked what you just read, please share it with others. And we are also waiting for your feedback. Cheers!

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