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Jigyasha Prasad Feb 10 2015

Top picks for destinations that require an inner line permit

Kanan Budhiraja Feb 10 2015
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Here’s a list of our top picks for destinations that require an Inner Line Permit and some other special permissions before you visit them.

An Inner Line Permit is an official document issued by the Government of India for the purpose of inward travel by Indian nationals for a limited period of time. Several destinations in India have regulated movement of travellers by the use of this permit. The permit for tourists is generally issued for a period of 15 days and can be easily obtained from the state government and other issuing bodies as specified by the state.

Arunachal Pradesh

This virginal north-eastern state mesmerizes you with its dense forest cover, steep hills with snow-capped peaks and lush river gorges. The state that is home to 26 indigenous tribes is known for its unexplored natural heritage.

Image of Tawang Monastery by Addihockey10

Travel to the magical Tawang Valley for some enlightenment at one of the many Buddhist monasteries or fall in love with the rice fields at the Ziro Valley--you will want that permit again and again.

Image of Ziro Valley by FlickreviewR


Nestled amidst verdant valleys, Mizoram is the most scenic of the north-eastern states. While the capital city of Aizawl will put you at ease with its laid back lifestyle, rural Mizoram is probably the one that will stay with you forever.

Image of Tuipui river of Mizoram by Flickr upload bot

From the Murlen National Park that is known for its hoolock gibbons to the Tamdil Lake that is surrounded by mountains, the state is a sight to behold. The Blue Mountains are popular amongst Mizos not only as an abode of Gods but also because its slopes are known to be haunted. The small state has untouched beauty and exudes raw charm--no wonder that it is a top pick among destinations that require an Inner Line Permit.

Image of Aizawl by Joe Fanai


Think tribesmen in authentic attire the likes of which you have only witnessed on television? Nagaland promises you that and much more. Explore the northern area of the state that is home to tribesmen that still rely on age-old hunting practices for food and shelter.

Image of Nagaland by rajkumar1220

Interact with the cheerful locals of the Phek District, take a walk along the uncluttered nature trails in Wokha, drive down to the picturesque town of Mokokchung for a tribal experience or just visit the chief’s house in Mon Village that is located on the border so that half your body will be in Myanmar while the other half is still in India.

Image of the gateway to Kohima by AmyNorth

Parts of Himachal Pradesh

The district of Lahaul-Spiti is one of the most striking and glorious valleys with snow-capped mountains, medieval monasteries and natural formations. Visit the Pin Valley National Park in Spiti that is home to the snow leopard, the Himalayan ibex, the mighty bharal or blue sheep.

Image of Lahaul Valley in winter by Nvvchar

You can stop at an old Buddhist monastery at the town of Tabo or travel to Kibber, the highest inhabited village in the world. If you are a biking enthusiast, ride to Kunzam Pass, one of the highest motorable pass and travel to Chandratal Lake that is a beauty with its deep blue water surrounded by snow.

Image of Chandratal by Exeron

Apart from the Inner Line Permit, several destinations require special permissions before you can visit them. A couple of the islands of Andaman & Nicobar require special access before you can explore them.

Barren Island

Explore the only active volcano in India which saw its last frequent eruptions in 1991 and 1994-95 after remaining dormant for 177 years. You can visit the island by chartering a boat or seaplane after obtaining the necessary permissions from the Forest Department. However, disembarking and landing ashore the island is not permitted even with the permissions in place.

Image of Andaman Island by FlickreviewR

Cinque Island

Declared a sanctuary, the Cinque Island, situated 26 km from Port Blair, is a haven for marine life, corals, white sandy beaches and tropical forests. This breathtaking island can be visited by chartered boats after obtaining permission from the Forest Department.

Image of sunrise at Andamans by AntoGros

Nicobar Islands

Comprising of 28 islands, the Nicobars are abundant in coconut groves, extensive grasslands and endemic species. You can hope to find crab eating macaques with long tails or a flock of the beautiful Nicobar pigeons resting away. However, Indians are given visiting permission in exceptional cases on application for a tribal pass. These islands are out of bounds for foreign nationals.

Image of the Nicobar pigeon by warriorwoman531

These striking, raw and unspoilt destinations that require an Inner Line Permit and other special permissions are sure to make you fall in love with travel. Although these destinations require the ILP today, the rules and regulations keep changing from time to time. Please check with the local tourist centre before making your travel plans. Happy travelling.

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