6 Destinations to Visit Near Nagpur by Bus

Nagpur, the City of Oranges, is one of India’s most liveable urban areas. In terms of tourism, the sacred Deekshabhoomi stupa and some scenic lakes are the city’s most recognisable icons. 

First-time travellers who want to explore tourist places near Nagpur are always left surprised—because most of the city’s top getaways aren’t actually in Maharashtra! 

Due to its location in the northeastern corner of the state, immersive weekend getaways from Nagpur tend to feature trips to Madhya Pradesh and Telangana first. After all, the Mumbai–Nashik–Pune circuit is some 700 kilometres away.

Keeping this in mind, here are the top destinations near Nagpur that you can visit by bus:

  • Seoni (128 km)
  • Chandrapur (152 km)
  • Adilabad (196 km) 
  • Pachmarhi (259 km) 
  • Jabalpur (276 km)
  • Nanded (340 km)

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Don’t know enough about these places? Then keep on reading:

Seoni (128 km)

A family of tigers inside Pench National Park

A family of Bengal tigers inside Pench National Park

Seoni’s forests were the inspiration for The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, and the idea of a Sher Khan or Baloo prowling nearby isn’t too far off. This city is the gateway to the Pench National Park, home to one of India’s largest tiger populations. Around 1.5 hours from Seoni by road, Pench offers a formidable safari experience with a chance to spot leopards, wild boar, wolves, jungle cats and more. For picnic spots, Amodagarh on the Seoni-Mandla highway is a top choice with its mix of forest, cliffs and water bodies. 

It takes 3.5 hours to reach Seoni from Nagpur by bus. 

Chandrapur (152 km)

anchaleswar temple in chandrapur

The Anchaleshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Image credit: chanda.nic.in

Madhya Pradesh is tiger country, and Chandrapur is yet another gateway city to a reserve—the Tadoba-Andhari National Park (1 hour). Much like Pench, Tadoba is home to Bengal tigers, sloth bears, nilgai, jungle cats, and honey badgers. Its lake sustains the vulnerable marsh crocodile (once found across Maharashtra) as well as many interesting birds. For when you come back to the city, check out Chandrapur’s top sights–the beautifully carved Anchaleshwar Mahadev Temple, the scenic Junona Lake, and the ancient Ballarshah Fort. 

Chandrapur is only 3 hours away from Nagpur by bus. 

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Adilabad (196 km)

Nirmal painting showing woman carving a leaf with deer beside her

Nirmal art elegantly captures India’s rustic ethos. Image credit: telanganatourism.gov.in

Venturing into Telangana, Adilabad will greet you with monuments, temples and waterfalls. The Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls are famous picnic spots, while the Kawal and Pranahita sanctuaries are soothing places to spot wildlife. Nirmal, a town in the Adilabad district, is known for its 17th-century French fort, as well as a community of craftsmen, the ‘Naqash’, who make stunning Nirmal paintings using natural pigments and a gold finish. Nirmal’s wooden toys are also famous, so you know what to take back as souvenirs! 

On average, if you make an online bus booking from Adilabad to Nagpur, the trip will last for 4.5 hours. 

Pachmarhi (259 km)

Purple and cream coloured sunset view from pachmarhi

Sunset view of the Satpuras from the Dhoopgarh hilltop in Pachmarhi

The Queen of the Satpuras, Pachmarhi is a gorgeous hill station and one of central India’s most popular holiday destinations. Dominated by spiritual sites and pleasant viewing points, part of Pachmarhi is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The area’s Pandava and Jatashankar Caves are steeped in folklore, while the Bee Falls and the Duchess Falls welcome you with lush green surroundings. Catch a bird’s eye view of dense forests from high vantage points like Priyadarshini Point, Mahadeo Hill and the Dhoopgarh hilltop. 

Pachmarhi is 8 hours away from Nagpur by bus. 

Jabalpur (276 km)

low angle shot of marble rocks of bhedaghat and river narmada

The Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat—boating is available!

You’ll need at least three days to enjoy everything this city has to offer! From heritage spots to natural beauty, Jabalpur packs a punch. The Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, where the Narmada River has created a terrific gorge, are a must-visit, as are the misty Dhuandhar Falls. The tantric Chausath Yogini temple, built in the 11th century, pulls curious tourists for its unique roofless structure and sculptures. Lamheta Ghat is a scientifically important place–with rock formations that are millions of years old, many dinosaur fossils have been found here. And for something that looks like it defies science, check out the Balancing Rock inside the Rani Durgawati Fort! 

With a bus booking, you can reach Jabalpur in 7.5 hours from Nagpur.

Nanded (340 km)

Entrance to the Hazur Sahib gurudwara in Nanded

Entrance to the Hazur Sahib gurudwara in Nanded

The only name from Maharashtra on this list, Nanded has great religious importance. 

The Renuka Mata Mandir here, built on a hilltop centuries ago, is one of three Shakti Peeths in the state. The Takhat Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib is a major Sikh pilgrimage site, as the final resting place of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru. You can also enjoy quiet and beautiful sunsets by the Godavari river, and visit Fort Nanded and the Kaleshwar Mandir, both by the riverbank. 

Nanded is 8 hours away from Nagpur by bus. 

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