Shillong Peak

The most popular picnic spot, Shillong Peak is the highest peak in Meghalaya located at a whooping 2000 m above sea level. The peak offers an eagle-eye view of an awe-inspiring country side and an incredible sight of the city lights.

Bishop and Beadon Falls

These two falls cascade down to merge together at the bottom and then mingle into a deep vale. The tourists enjoy a half day trek cum picnic in this picturesque surrounding.The closer you get to the falls, the more awe-inspiring they appear and the wetter you become!

Umiam Lake

Umiam lake, also called as 'Barapani', is a site of a major hydroelectric dam. The lake offers water sports facilities such as sailing, water skiing, water scooter riding. It is also a popular fishing destination.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls are located just outside the Shillong city, provide a unique sight where the water stream descends from two successive falls. This hangout is more popular for the costumed photography available here. Tourists love dressing up in the Naga attire and getting pictures clicked by photographers.

Spread Eagle Falls

Located a little away from the town, in the cantonment area of the city, Spread Eagle Falls are famous for their appearance like an eagle with wings spread out. The water cascades down steep hills that tower round the three sides, into a deep pool beneath. The calm and serene ambience makes it a favorite spot for tourists.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a secluded but captivating spot with plethora of indigenous and exotic plants and is located in the vicinity of Ward's Lake. It is known for its indigenous and exotic varieties of flora. The Orchidarium of the Botanical Survey of India boasts of am amazingly rare collection of orchids. A mini-aviary, with rare and colorful species of birds, is attached to the garden. You might also be lucky to spot some remarkable and vibrant endangered species of birds such as Wildfowl, Pheasant and Tragopan.

Lady Hydari Park

Lady Hydari Park, gets its name from the erstwhile nature loving first lady of the state, Lady Hydari the wife of Governor of Assam. This mini zoo clubbed with a deer park draws tourists of all ages. The park has flourishing and well-maintained ornamental and flowering plants.

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Since centuries, Shillong has been a golfer’s paradise. The Shillong Golf Club boasts of an enchanting Golf Course, also called as the 'Glen-eagle of the East'. This is the third oldest golf course in India and was earlier planned to be a nine-hole course in 1889. In due course, it was changed into 18 holes in 1924. The golf course provides a panoramic view of the city against the backdrop of the snowclad Himalayas. Summer: 15°C to 23°C Winter: 2°C to 4°C Std Code: 0364 Best Time to Visit: All round the year