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Etti Bali Aug 31 2015

Mysteries of the Dragon’s Triangle

Kanika Nevatia Sep 10 2015
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Known to be the twin of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, the Dragon’s Triangle is surrounded by so many mysteries that you will be left completely intrigued. Brace yourselves to find out more about what is better known as the “Devil’s Sea.”


The Dragon’s Triangle is a region in the Pacific around Miyake Island, to the south of Tokyo. It reaches out to Taiwan on one side and Guam on the other.

devil's sea.jpg

The Mystery

Often compared to the Bermuda Triangle, the Japanese consider this part of the sea to be a danger zone as over the years, the country has lost many vessels with hundreds of people gone missing. Even the rescue operations in the area failed as research and rescue vessels also happen to subsequently go missing. Ships and aircrafts have also known to go missing in good weather conditions without even having sent out distress signals.



There are many myths attached to the Devil’s Sea, the most common being the one that gave it the name--Dragon's Triangle. It is believed that dragons that used to live under the water pull down the ships and vessels to satisfy their hunger, making them disappear. Other’s say these incidences are a result of supernatural forces present in the area.


A more scientific explanation is that this area lies on one of the 12 existing “vile vortices” of the world. Vile vortices are the areas in the earth which are believed to have the strongest electromagnetic force, hence pulling in whatever enters the territory. Others also believe that eruption of volcanoes in this part of the ocean could be the reason for the disappearance of ships.


Prominent Incidences

Among the earlier incidences, it is said that Kublai Khan, the conqueror, tried to invade Japan in the 1200s but failed in doing so because his vessels got lost in the Dragon’s Triangle, leading him to lose a crew of over 40,000 men.

It is believed that in the years between 1952 and 1954, five Japanese military vessels along with their crew of about 700 people went missing. A research and rescue vessel, Kaiyo Maru No. 5 sent by the Japanese government with more than a 100 scientists on board to study the area also went missing suspiciously.

The year 1957 saw three air disappearances within a two-week period in the Dragon’s Triangle, making it a nightmare for Japanese aviation.


These are just some of the myths, mysteries and occurrences attached to the Devil’s Sea. If you know of any other interesting facts about the Dragon’s Triangle leave a comment and add to the list.

Rajaram Pareek Sep 10 2015
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certainly, it should be a gravitaional pull,wether , this force is measured vertically up tp how much altitute it works, i mean how much altitude is safe to flyover this terrotry?
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