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Saumya Srivastava May 30 2014

Facts about Airbus A380

Debangana Sen May 30 2014
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The long wait for the world’s largest commercial aircraft landing in India is finally over. The Singapore Airlines A380 will be landing at the IGI Airport New Delhi on Friday evening. Singapore Airlines is the first to launch daily super jumbo flights between Mumbai and Delhi. The Emirates will be following suit soon. We have compiled a list of some amazing facts you didn’t know about the jumbo Airbus A380.

Photo of Airbus 380 (by Franklin Polanco)

So large it blinds ILS systems

A380 gets priority take-off clearance since it is big enough the block the ILS (Instrument Landing System) beacon, effectively blinding incoming navigation radio signals used for auto-land.

Unbelievably quiet

The airplane is unbelievably quiet on the inside with effective sound repressors. You simply do not need noise canceling headphones to enjoy movies or music.

Environment friendly

The A380 is highly fuel efficient and has the lowest emission compared to other aircrafts. Just 75g of CO2 emission per person, which is half that of the European target for cars manufactured in 2008.

Colossal weight

The takeoff weight of the A380 is 1.2 millionpounds. To put it in perspective, the weight is equivalent to 165 elephants or 6373 (flying) pigs. The A380 has a takeoff weight 50% higher than the Boeing 747!

But still not the heavyweight champion
If you think that the A380 is the heaviest plane on earth, you’d be wrong. The Russian cargo plane-- Antonov An-225 Mriya weighs around 1.4 million pounds.

Photo of the interiors (by Rudy Herman)

A whale in the air

It can accommodate 525 people and 3,000 suitcases (5.7 per person). Removing all seats from the two passenger decks would provide enough space to accommodate nearly 10 squash courts, each measuring 184 square feet.

Pan European product

The wings and engine of this super aircraft are built in England, and the tail and fuselage in Germany and Spain. All the parts are then shipped to France to be assembled.

Random trivia
Q: How many ping pong balls does it take to fill up the A380?
A: 35 million.

A few more amazing stats

Airbus A380 is 72.8 m long, which is equivalent to the length of 2 blue whales placed head-to-tail. Its height is equivalent to a 10 storey building or 5 giraffes placed on top of each other.

The fuel capacity of the A380 is the equivalent to that of 21 road tankers, (more than 3 lakh litres of fuel). This means that a third of its weight is just fuel. The A380 is designed for 140,000 flying hours.

The four Rolls Royce engines of the A380 have an internal working temperature of 3100°C and each of its engine is of the same length as that of a Mercedes C Series car.

Photo of the front view of the A380 (by Robert Scultz)

So these were some of the interesting facts about Airbus A380. Please like, comment and share your views.
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