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Kanika Nevatia Feb 06 2015

Facts about taxis around the world

Kanan Budhiraja Feb 06 2015
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Ever wondered why most taxis around the world are yellow? Or why do we call them “taxicabs”? Here is a list of some quirky and fun facts about taxis around the world.

The first form of taxi service started in the early 17th century in the form of a horse-drawn hackney carriage in the city of Paris and in London.

The term “taxicab” has its origins in two words--”taximeter” and “cabriolet”. A taximeter was an instrument used to measure the distance or time a vehicle traveled while a cabriolet refers to a horse-driven carriage used in early days.

Image by lubiechili

The first meter-equipped taxi in the world was built in 1897. Called the Daimler Victoria, it was first operated in the city of Stuttgart in Germany.

One of the most interesting facts about taxis around the world is that Harry N. Allen was the first one to come up with the yellow colour of the taxi. He chose this colour to make sure his taxis could be seen from a distance.

Image by Bert Boerma

Hacks, the alternate term for taxi drivers, originated in the city of London due to the horse-drive hackney carriage services operational at that time.

BBC’s Top Gear programme termed India’s Hindustan Ambassador taxi as the world’s best taxi in July 2013! This car that went into production in 1957 was at one time the only car driven by government officials. Incidentally, its production was halted in May, 2014 citing weak demand and lack of funds.

Image by paulhami

Another fascinating fact about taxis around the world is that the two-way radio service in taxis started in the 1940s enabling taxi drivers to communicate with dispatch offices.

It is illegal in Youngstown, Ohio to ride on the roof of a cab; in London its against the law to transport a rabid dog or a corpse in a taxi or if you have “the plague”.

Image by Aquablue71

In Toronto city, Canada, you cannot ride in a cab on Sunday if you have just eaten garlic!

In Finland, taxi drivers have to pay royalties if they want to play their radio while carrying passengers.

Image by zak mc

These are some of the many quick and interesting facts about taxis around the world. You will be amazed to know that the types of cabs driven the world over vary in their colour, make and names. If you know of any more interesting trivia about taxis, leave a comment below and let us know! Now hop on to the next yellow taxicab!

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