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Honey Chitkara Apr 12 2014

Which are the most famous streets around the world?

Benazir Khan Apr 12 2014
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Think - a visual that envelopes the pulse of a larger world and its heartbeat shooting the rush that comes from viewing it right into your bloodstream. Conclude- iconic - as the index to some of the most famous streets around the world, which fall under that master category of creation.

Las Vegas Strip, Sierra Nevada, US

How can we possibly begin to think of some of the most stunning streets, without recalling this stunner of a strait on one of the planet’s most celebrated landmasses - Las Vegas. A crowned queen since the early 19th century, the entertainment capital of the world, as it is known, will leave you astounded. The pop single comes alive here - ‘Lights will guide you home.’ Home would read to - casinos, bars, hotels, fountains and - fro.

A photo of Las Vegas (by Lasvegaslover)

Broadway, New York City, New York, US

Qualifying invariably, as perhaps the most happening street on the planet at any given point in time, Broadway, New York, is the modern day metaphor for adrenaline. In the journey of a breath and whilst a quick stride by the kerb or off a crossing, you will be floored by many activities that can and will, inevitably infuse your dear life back in you. Theatres, road shows, flying trapeze artists, street chow music, dances in a flash and any thinkable form of art which rings in with the popular is happening right here and now.

A photo of Broadway (by Martin Durrschnabel)

Paseo De La Reforma, Mexico City, Mexico

Of sand, sun and spices; Mexico city perhaps tops all the destinations in the world when it comes to riveting look-here-feel-this moments. As for avenues of fun and frolic, to add to the plethora of choices, well, there are all kinds of pursuits that the city has to offer. The most important of them all being - the stretch of Paseo De La Reforma. It stands lined up with luxury hotel chains and is fashioned after Europe’s several boulevards. Not reason enough? El Angel De La Independencia and National Palace stand tall, right here.

A photo of Paseo De La Reforma (by Alejandro Islas)

Piccadilly Circus, London, UK

An asphalt smothered road, this prime public square - Piccadilly Circus; off London’s west end in the city of Westminster is perhaps an honest reason why people visit London in the first place. Remnants of the grandiose that was the British colonial past, lay interspersed with the present lifestyle options - read some of the best underground bars, pubs and breweries. Free flowing lagers, with some contemporary numbers, or merely an open eye to marvel the architectural space on your way to a famous memorial - choose your pick.

A photo of Piccadilly Circus (by Matthias Prinke)

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

One of the most loved stretched in all of Europe, the giggles and the laughter never seem to fade away, once one is here. Connecting Catalunya with Port Vell, this divine stretch of Barcelona, has given more good times to tourists than one can possibly account for, if one begins to have a real conversation around it. If the grapevine is to be believed, once here, no one ever wants this stretch of a road to end. A definite marker of one of the most famous streets around the world. It isn't merely the cafes, bars, streets, restaurants or performers, it is the overwhelming joy that swarms and sweeps you leaving you swooned. Indexed. That’s what it is.

A photo of La Rambla (by Oh-Barcelona.com)

Champs Elysees, Paris, France

Grandiose is its second name. The Champs Elysees in Paris is the definite crowned queen for beauty. The historic Arc De Triomphe is just the icing atop a very lovely cake. Choosing to dine in one of the many open roof terraces, cafes, or restaurants with the ever effervescent presence of the Eiffel in the backdrop only encourages the serendipity of the times that follow thereafter. Crack open a Chardonnay and dance the mellow number, fleetingly shutting them eyelids every once in a while.

A photo of Champs Elysees (by Cezary Piwowarski)

Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia

Studded by palaces, mansions, cathedrals, and other architectural jewels of a priceless nature, this street in Russia is a far cry from the usual discourse of just any awe-inspiring street. Reason? Planned by the renowned Peter the Great, the street with its grand avenue is a revered solace in terms of its historical importance - the erstwhile home of the Russian tsars. Literature fans will conjure sweet remembrances from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and the sense of mystery that it conjures for the Russian landscape at large.

A photo of Nevsky Prospekt (by floridaguyjoe)

Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Islands, Dubai, UAE

Land reclamation and engineering marvels at best, the stretch of man made islands here reek of abundance, glory and wealth. To those of you, for whom this sounds like just their dream spot on the planet, Palm Jumeirah is where you should be pacing back and forth. Bling, gold and astounding mansions are the equivalent of bread, eggs and butter here. Affluence is a natural instinct and celebratory mode is only through opulence carried forward exponentially.

A photo of Palm Jumeirah (by Aheilner)

San Ma Lo, (New Street), Macau

Highlighting the new, polishing the old and posing them together is the mantra at this street in Macau, which stretches from Avenida da Praia Grande to Inner Harbour. The main square - Largo De Senado and the several streets, lanes, by lanes and alleyways that emanate out of this place is a hotspot for many a tourist and local alike. What’s the buzz? Well the The Historic Centre of Macau for those willing to submerge into history and culture and the extravagance of a shopping fiesta for those willing to submit to the exalting barter of penny for vice, will and wish!

A photo of Macau (by travel oriented)

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

This is officially the world’s longest shopping street. For what it’s worth, the place is abuzz with crowds and a hubbub of commercial activity at any given point in the day or night. Strewn with mini-markets even within a prime market circuit, the place is simply a go-to for anyone who knows what they are looking for in Shanghai and is a halo for shoppers in all of Asia. Think antiques, souvenirs, electronics, foodstuff, groceries, luggage, accessories, shoes, apparel; the list is less spellbinding than the street.

A photo of Nanjing Road (by Stephen Codrington)

If you are flying soon, do consider a tour to any of these famous streets around the world. Their highly individualistic quality makes them stand out among the rest of the other avenues and several other majestic boulevards in the world. If that is inspiration enough, then consider being long gone from home and picture being lost in the midst of these streets. Rest assured, the experience will be something to cherish.

Ernesto Cohnen Apr 15 2014
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I'll add Gran Via in Madrid! One really beautiful and lively street. With theatres, musicals, restaurants, tapas, live music, stores, and people ... lot of people, mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights ;)

Panorama of Gran Via by Hismattness
Gran Via by Edescas2
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