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Anupriya Bedi Mar 06 2014

Which are the best places for fishing in Uttarakhand?

Debangana Sen Mar 07 2014
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Fishing in Uttarakhand can be an awesome experience for those who try it. Uttarakhand offers unique opportunities for mahseer fishing. The Mahakali, along the Indo-Nepal border, is one of the least fished but the best known big mahseer rivers. It demands a long trip to reach the best parts and pays in broken tackle and big fish when landed. The heavy current makes the competition with the fish fierce.

As far as the sport of angling in Uttarakhand is concerned, Mahseers are very popular. The mahseer, a large-scaled carp (family Cyprinidae), is the pick of game fish found in India. It was originally described by Hamilton in 1822, and soon became the favourite quarry of British anglers living in India. Mahseer inhabits both rivers and lakes, ascending to rapid streams with rocky bottoms for breeding. There are several different types of mahseer found in India, of which the golden mahseer (also known as the Himalayan mahseer) is the most prized. It has been known to reach 2.75 m (9 ft) in length and 54 kg (118 lb) in weight.

Photo of a Mahseer (by Sir Francis Day)

, accessed from Abbott Mount and Lohaghat in east Champawat District, offers rich pickings of mahseer from the Mahakali River at its confluence with the Saryu, and is best fished before the rains and after October. An international angling competition is held here in March. In eastern Almora District magnificent mahseer pools are found in Kopote, down to Tanakpur in Champawat, on the Saryu and Sarda rivers. Rameshwar, at the confluence of the Saryu and the eastern Ramganga, a little beyond Pancheshwar, and Baramdeo are known to be the best spots.

Trout is the common name given to a number of species of freshwater fish belonging to the salmon family, Salmonidae. Trout are usually found in cool, clear streams and lakes. The rainbow trout and the brown trout are the most common species in India. They feed on worms or insects, although larger specimens of brown trout regularly feed on other fish, and provide a good fight when caught with a hook and line. Fly fishing is a distinctive method developed primarily for trout. Several streams in Uttarakhand were planted with brown trout seed from Loch Leven and more recently, rainbow trout from Norway. And then there’s the rare Indian trout, which is chased on the Song River near Dehra Dun.

Photo of a brown trout (by William Greene)

Another prime spot for fishing in Uttarakhand is on the Asi Ganga near Uttarkashi and Dodital, the lake at the head of the Asi Ganga River, offer rich pickings of trout. Trout also abounds in the Tons that flows from Har-ki-Dun into the Yamuna. It’s not just mahseer and trout that lure anglers to Himalayan waters. Some anglers like to chase rod-benders like the giant goonch (catfish), which lurk in deceptively small pools.

In Garhwal, the western Ramganga outside the Corbett Tiger Reserve is the prime hunting ground of the goonch and the Indian trout. In spring this area turns into a technical angler’s dream. The Junction, the confluence of the Western Nayar and the Ganga at Vyas Ghat, Garhwal, is best fished immediately before the rains. The fishing in this area extends from the Junction to the confluence of the Eastern Nayar and the Ganga below Lansdowne.

Photo of an Angler trying his luck (by Peg Owens)


When it comes to fishing in Uttarakhand, you should probably check the following angling operators in the area:

Otter Reserves
(otterreserves.com) is one of the best dedicated Indian angling outfits, offering mahseer fishing primarily at Pancheshwar, and also in the Ramganga River at Corbett.

Blaze A Trail Adventures’ (Mobile +91-98370-77537 / 94113-20948; blazeatrail adventures.com) runs the Chuka Riverside Camp specifically for angling at Chuka Village near Pancheshwar, on the banks of the Mahakali River.

Wild World India (Delhi Tel: +91-11-46021018; wildworldindia.com) offers personalised angling tours and sportfishing at Corbett. Their 3-11-day Corbett angling tour takes you to different stretches of the Ramganga, with camps at Bhikyasen and Jamur, with part of the stay at the Vanghat River Lodge.

Asian Adventures’ (Delhi Tel: +91-11-44128785, Mobile: +91-98117-04651; Website: himalayanlodges.com) 6D/ 5N mahseer angling package takes you to Pancheshwar with stay at Abbott Mount and at a campsite in Pancheshwar.

Kuflon Basics above Uttarkashi offers angling in the Asi Ganga river below the resort. Contact Anil Kuriyal (Mobile: +91-94120-04217; Website: kuflonbasics. com) for angling tours. Anil is great with first time anglers. He’ll take you down to the Asi Ganga and you’ll have caught your first fish in no time.
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