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Kapil Gumasta Apr 03 2014

Do tell me about five reasons to be in Paris this summer?

Benazir Khan Apr 03 2014
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Cascade through five reasons to be in Paris this summer, to know why you should be on this spot on earth to bring life back into the picture.

A photo of Le Louvre (by y.becart)

Du pain au fromage

As one of the most organic resonations of city of Paris, or Pari (Pa-ei-hi, as it is phonetically pronounced in French), pain au fromage (bread and cheese) orchestrates a climax. One where the senses are dissolved in a warm embrace of feeling and there is always more than meets the eye.

Foodies' Paradise (by Jeff Wilcox)

Making it the only city in the world where one can end up in a fuzzy limbo and without knowing it flit by from being a mere mortal to an entity of transcendence in themselves.

Roland Garros - The French Open

Intriguing times come to the fore when one witnesses a sport from the same level as the hawks circling above, or the birdies hovering by. Stade Roland Garros is among the more popular locations for matches held in Paris. The largest clay-court tournament in the world and as one of the premier tennis championship events, the Roland Garros, is also a very physically demanding ground for the players involved, owing to its slow playing surface area.

Davis Cup 2014 Semi Final (from the official Facebook page)

You must watch out for the mens' and womens' five-set single matches, for which you can gulp down the thirst for water over some adrenaline for quite a while.

A soiree with the paintings at Musee D’orsay

Van Gogh can speak to you; touching a part of your soul to dance to the expressionism emanating off his paintings. Exhibitions at Musee D’orsay, herald the old and the new, but nowhere else on the planet will you be caught up in the ecstasy of being part of the dance in Gogh’s canvas.

A photo of Musee D'orsay (by Dimitry B.)

Play of colours apart, there is a play of ingredients which can make an awestruck admirer out of you. Don’t be surprised if you are clicked at tandem for your priceless expressions by a photographer looking for a great frame on the go.

Meandering through charming alleys, sun hunting for a perfect pavement terrace

Looking for inspiration is not a new concept in Paris, among other things to do. It but becomes an affair of extreme solace during May, owing to the wonderful sun and the shine-on spree that it vapours forth. Once you find your perfect spot under the sun-Cafe L'Ebouillante is a case in point; grab your cane chairs, there is a flourish of options for you to devour. Bit by bit. Tomatoes are ripe and red and a salad comes with a bountiful.

A photo of one of the many open terraces in Paris (by zoetnet)

The ladies in red also dance coquettishly to the tunes of some fresh white wine or red wine strung to perfection. Olives, cheese, charcuterie follow suit. Through the hot sun hours to the mellow evening into the night when the warm lights come on. How? Well, like I just said, the trick is - bit by bit.

Dancing, reminiscing the era of La Belle Epoque at the several dance bars in Paris or the Bal Pop. Together with the Jazz Festival at St. Germain around late May

So you could either dance with the firemen or men in general. Either way you choose your pick, merriment is a story that the fall of the night will only make more and more delightful with every waking hour among so many places to visit in Paris.

A photo of a jazz performance in Paris (by Jun Tendo)

Whether you wind past a hand or two at the table at La Villette Enchantee to free flowing flutes of Chardonnay or snake yourself around some happy people, overlooking the Seine, the lights only brighten the experience. Together with a spell of some free flowing laughter, the charm of the moment will leave you captivated for a long long time to come.

Fashion’s displays of affection to haute couture and lifestyle, helps soul mates reunite. Catch it live at Foire de Paris around Mid May

An umbrella which brings together fashion in all its diverse formats - interiors, clothings, apparel, accessories, and a host of other verisimilitude. As one of the five reasons to be in Paris this summer, heading here to simply be in the know and to celebrate the burst of glory that is fashion, will be very becoming of a holistic experience of Paris. So do plan your trip accordingly.

Fashion Capital (by Eva Rinaldi)

It also makes for an iconic resplendence of the celebration of fashion - as not just an idea, but a stalwart conviction, a faith, a manner of life. No city better equipped to cement that strait better than Paris. “So French,” as you can see is not just a phrase.

When everything else seems to obliterate into oblivion and you transcend into another realm of existence, don't forget about that bottle of wine, some chocolate and cheese. Places to eat here are aplenty, each one bringing in a new promise with itself. As one of the important binders, besides the five reasons to be in Paris this summer, they will take you right back into the drill and the fray thereby.

A photo of Paris by the Seine (by y.becart)

At the end, here are two picture postcards. One that sums it all up and the second which is a tribute to the icon - the Eiffel Tower.

A photo of the view of the Eiffel Tower from a far end of the Seine (by Davide Restivo)

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