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Agra to Jodhpur Flights

Book Agra to Jodhpur flights at cheapest prices starting at ₹8973. Approximately 2 flights of different airlines fly between Agra and Jodhpur. Get upto ₹700 instant off on AGR - JDH flight booking via ixigo. You can book return Jodhpur Agra flight tickets.
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Agra Jodhpur Flights - FAQs

  • Q. What will be the aerial distance between Agra and Jodhpur in a direct flight and how many flights fly on this route on a daily basis?

    A. The aerial distance from Agra to Jodhpur is 505 km in a direct flight. Approximately 2 flights fly on this route on a daily basis. Check here to book now

  • Q. What is the hand luggage limit on a flight between Agra and Jodhpur?

    A. The cabin baggage limit on Agra Jodhpur flights vary from airlines to airlines. Please confirm the hand baggage limit with the concerned airlines. Click here to book now

  • Q. For travelling from Agra to Jodhpur, how many flights fly on this route everyday?

    A. 2 flights fly on Agra to Jodhpur route everyday. Choose any flight time as per convenience.

  • Q. To book a flight from Agra to Jodhpur in the next 30 days, what is the lowest airfare at offer?

    A. ₹8973 would be the lowest airfare for a Agra to Jodhpur flight, in the next 30 days. There are 2 flights that fly on this route. Book flight tickets online in advance to avail great deals and discounts.

  • Q. To travel from Agra to Jodhpur, how many weekly flights fly on this route?

    A. 2 weekly flights fly on Agra to Jodhpur route. The prices of these flights vary from Agra to Jodhpur. Pick any flight that suits the schedule and offers great prices.

  • Q. Suggest the cheapest fare from Agra to Jodhpur for today?

    A. The cheapest fare from Agra to Jodhpur for today is ₹8973. The fare usually varies between Agra and Jodhpur.

  • Q. How to book tickets online from Agra to Jodhpur?

    A. Book tickets from Agra to Jodhpur via ixigo. Login to & search for the destination with dates, choose the best fare, provide the details and book the flight.

  • Q. How is ixigo different from online travel agents?

    A. ixigo is not an online travel agency or agent. ixigo doesn’t sell tickets or hotel rooms. It simply helps in choosing from where to book, and to save time and money in the process.

  • Q. What is the check-in baggage limit for Agra to Jodhpur flights?

    A. Depending upon the airline, the check-in baggage limit for Agra to Jodhpur flights will vary. But it is usually 7 kgs. But don’t forget to check with the respective airline.

  • Q. What is the hand luggage allowance for Agra Jodhpur flight?

    A. As per cabin class booking, the hand luggage allowance will range from 23 kgs to 60 kgs for Agra Jodhpur flight. But do check with the airline.

  • Q. What is the advantage of web check-in while flying from Agra?

    A. The advantage of web check-in when flying from Agra is that one can reserve a seat and can even take a print out of the boarding pass.

  • Q. How to change the travelling date for Agra to Jodhpur flights?

    A. To change the travelling date for Agra Jodhpur flights, one can directly contact the airlines.

Cheapest Agra to Jodhpur Flight Fares

Agra - Jodhpur Cheapest FlightsFare (INR)Date of JourneyAirline NameBook Tickets
in 60 days
08 Apr
Air India
Agra to Jodhpur by Air India Airline from INR 8973
Agra - Jodhpur
in 90 days
08 Apr
Air India
Agra to Jodhpur by Air India Airline from INR 8973
Agra - Jodhpur
* Agra to Jodhpur Flight Fares shown are indicative and subject to change until ticketed. Prices are guaranteed only at the time of purchase

Jodhpur Details

How to Travel to & from Jodhpur Airport

A civil airport in the state of Rajasthan, the Jodhpur airport serves flyers from across India. As per the statistics, it can handle 430 passengers, every hour. For anyone travelling from the Jodhpur City Chowk and Jodhpur airport or vice versa, the distance is 5.8 km. This route can be covered in 15 minutes by a car. If you want to travel by bus, you can board a state bus. These buses are available at the nearest bus stand at 8.7 km. If you are travelling by train to Jodhpur or taking the journey further, the nearest railway station is located 5 km away. This station connects major railheads. There are also pre-taxi services or pre-paid auto services at the airport. You can also book a car rental service or opt for inter-state taxi service at the airport.

Facilities at Jodhpur Airport

Jodhpur Airport is one of the busiest airport serving Rajasthan. Catering to a number of passengers each day, it has all basic facilities to keep their journey smooth and comfortable. To serve your hunger pangs, the airport has various snack bars. There are luggage trolleys available for ease and comfort. In case a person loses their luggage, there is also a lost and found counter. For shopping, you can visit various shops across the airport selling all essentials. Duty-free shopping is not available at this airport.

Keeping the basics in mind, the airport has medical services, tourist information desks, ATMs, mobile charging points, etc.

Best Time to Visit Jodhpur

One of the most enchanting cities of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is known for its Mehrangarh Fort overlooking the city. This architectural masterpiece is an alluring fort and is among the largest ones in Rajasthan. Best time to visit Jodhpur to soak in its beauty and culture would be from October to March. Considered as the winter months, this time is ideal for witnessing pleasant and pleasing weather. The temperature observed in this season goes as high as 25 degree Celsius and as low as 7 degree Celsius. It is the perfect time to visit the various temples and eat the famous food items. Pack winter essentials as the evenings tend to get chilly.

Top Routes to Jodhpur

New Delhi to Jodhpur Flights
SpiceJet|20th Mar|₹2098
Mumbai to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|23rd Mar|₹2498
Chennai to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|13th Mar|₹4214
Kolkata to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|1st Apr|₹4602
Hyderabad to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|20th Mar|₹3879
Kochi to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|24th Mar|₹4527
Ahmedabad to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|30th Mar|₹2429
Pune to Jodhpur Flights
SpiceJet|10th Mar|₹4189
Goa to Jodhpur Flights
SpiceJet|17th Mar|₹4659
Trivandrum to Jodhpur Flights
Air India|25th Mar|₹4889
Patna to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|24th Mar|₹3914
Ranchi to Jodhpur Flights
Air India|2nd Apr|₹4279
Coimbatore to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|19th Mar|₹5644
Lucknow to Jodhpur Flights
Air India|19th Mar|₹1980
Madurai to Jodhpur Flights
Air India|28th Mar|₹5088
Varanasi to Jodhpur Flights
IndiGo|1st Apr|₹3676

Agra Details

How to Travel to & from Agra Airport

Agra Airport, officially known as Kheria Airport, is a military airbase and public airport. The airport is located at a distance of about 13 km from the Agraís city centre. It has a capacity of holding upto 250 passengers, both at the arrivals and departures. The airport only has one terminal which is located within the premises of the Air Force building. To reach the airport, public transport is easily available at every corner of the city. During the peak season, commercial flights connects the cities of New Delhi, Bangalore to Agra. Though, the connectivity is limited and only one or two flights are available on the route.

Facilities at Agra Airport

Agra, an historic city, is located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. A number of Mughal-era buildings and ancient structures can be spotted all across the city. Owing to its legacy, the city witnesses a huge influx of tourists all year round. To reach this city, travellers can opt for airways, roadways and railways. Agra Airport is located at a distance of 13 km from the city centre. Some of the common facilities available at this airport are a lost and found baggage counter, on-call medical facility, restrooms for transit passengers, and 2 X-ray baggage scanning centers. There are 2 boarding gates and 5 check-in counters in the airport for the comfort of the travellers.

Best Time to Visit Agra

Agra is known to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. This ‘land of the Taj’ is the home and nurturing ground of the Indo-Islamic culture in India. The remains of the same culture is evident in all monuments and architectural structures in the city. If one wishes to witness these creations, the Best Time To Visit Agra would be during the months of October to March since the temperature is pleasant and the sun isn’t as harsh as the summer months from April to July. One may also visit the city during the monsoons when the temperature ranges in between 25 degree Celsius and 35 degree Celsius.

Top Routes from Agra

Agra to New Delhi Flights
Air India|25th Feb|₹4358
Agra to Mumbai Flights
IndiGo|23rd Mar|₹5193
Agra to Chennai Flights
IndiGo|1st Apr|₹4499
Agra to Kolkata Flights
IndiGo|6th Apr|₹6590
Agra to Hyderabad Flights
IndiGo|27th Mar|₹5644
Agra to Kochi Flights
IndiGo|1st Apr|₹4352
Agra to Ahmedabad Flights
IndiGo|27th Mar|₹5812
Agra to Pune Flights
IndiGo|31st Mar|₹4798
Agra to Goa Flights
IndiGo|30th Mar|₹4561
Agra to Trivandrum Flights
IndiGo|1st Apr|₹6743
Agra to Patna Flights
Air India|30th Mar|₹10621
Agra to Ranchi Flights
Air India|30th Mar|₹10149
Agra to Jaipur Flights
Air India|29th Feb|₹1260
Agra to Coimbatore Flights
IndiGo|28th Mar|₹5956
Agra to Lucknow Flights
IndiGo|31st Mar|₹6220
Agra to Varanasi Flights
Air India|29th Feb|₹8190

Agra Airport Details

Name : Agra Airport
Address : Airport Rd, Kheria, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, 282008
Phone : 91-562-2400844, 08477021021 (M), 91-562-2580422 (R)

Jodhpur Airport Details

Name : Jodhpur Airport
Address : N/A
Phone : N/A
Email : N/A