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Chandigarh to Surat Flights

Book Chandigarh to Surat flights at cheapest prices starting at ₹4280. Approximately 1 flights of different airlines fly between Chandigarh and Surat. Save upto 40% with fare alert on IXC - STV flight booking via ixigo. You can book return Surat Chandigarh flight tickets.
May 2020
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June 2020
  • 01
    Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 5516
    Chandigarh - Surat
  • 02
  • 03
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  • 05
  • 06
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  • 09
    Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 5068
    Chandigarh - Surat
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    Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 5068
    Chandigarh - Surat
  • 26
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  • 30
  • 01
    Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 8652
    Chandigarh - Surat
  • 02
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Chandigarh Surat Flights - FAQs

  • Q. At what time does the first Chandigarh to Surat flight leave from Chandigarh airport?

    A. The first flight from Chandigarh departs at 12:10 from Chandigarh Airport and reaches Surat Airport at 16:50. Book Now

  • Q. At what time does the last Chandigarh to Surat flight depart from Chandigarh airport?

    A. The last Chandigarh to Surat flight departs at 12:10 from Chandigarh Airport and reaches Surat Airport at 16:50. Book flights

  • Q. On a direct flight from Chandigarh to Surat, what is the aerial distance and how much time is taken to cover it?

    A. On a direct flight from Chandigarh to Surat, the aerial distance covered is 1134 km. There are a total number of 1 flights that fly on this route. Check here to book now

  • Q. What is the journey time and the average flight fare for a Chandigarh Surat flight?

    A. The journey time for a Chandigarh Surat flight on a direct flight is 04 Hours & 40 Minutes. The airfare of the trip varies betwen Chandigarh and Surat. Book Now

  • Q. Does the cabin baggage limit vary from airlines to airlines? What is the hand baggage limit on Chandigarh to Surat flight?

    A. Yes, the cabin baggage limit varies from airlines to airlines. Usually, the cabin baggage limit for domestic flights vary between 7 to 8 kgs. To know the exact figure, contact the concerned airlines’ official website. Click here to book now

  • Q. Please indicate the number of flights that fly from Chandigarh to Surat everyday?

    A. There are 1 flights that fly from Chandigarh to Surat everyday. Book a flight that suits the schedule and offers better prices.

  • Q. What would be the lowest airfare to fly from Chandigarh to Surat in the next 30 days?

    A. ₹4280 would be the lowest airfare to fly from Chandigarh to Surat in the next 30 days. Book from 1 flights available on this route. Avail this airfare by booking online in advance.

  • Q. What are number of flights that fly from Chandigarh to Surat weekly?

    A. There are 1 flights that fly from Chandigarh to Surat weekly. Reach Surat easily and conveniently by choosing any of these flights. The lowest airfare on this route is ₹4280.

  • Q. What is cheapest fare to Surat from Chandigarh today?

    A. The cheapest fare from Chandigarh to Surat is ₹4280. So, don’t wait anymore and book tickets for Surat right now to get the best offer. Happy travels!

  • Q. Searching for flights from Chandigarh to Surat, how to book tickets online?

    A. It is effortless. Just login to & search for Chandigarh to Surat flights with dates, choose the best fare, provide personal details and book the flight. Happy travels!

  • Q. Why is ixigo different from online travel agents?

    A. ixigo is different from online travel agents because it is a travel search engine which aggregates several travel websites to compare information and get the best deals.

  • Q. Searching for Chandigarh Surat flights, what is the check-in baggage limit?

    A. Searching for the check-in baggage limit for Chandigarh Surat flights? Well it is usually 7 kgs. But do check with the airline before booking your ticket to Surat.

  • Q. Is there any hand luggage allowance for Chandigarh Surat flight?

    A. Searching for the hand luggage allowance for Chandigarh Surat flight? Well it varies from 23 kgs to 60 kgs. But before booking a ticket don’t forget to check with the respective airline.

  • Q. What are the benefits of doing web check-in before flying from Chandigarh?

    A. Web check-in will not only allow one to choose a favourite seat but will also let one to take a print out of a boarding pass without standing in long queues. So before flying from Chandigarh or any other city, do web check-in!

  • Q. After booking a Chandigarh to Surat flight, is it possible to change the travel date?

    A. Don’t worry! Simply call the airlines and the date for a Chandigarh to Surat flight can be changed as per the requirement

Cheapest Chandigarh to Surat Flight Fares

Chandigarh - Surat Cheapest FlightsFare (INR)Date of JourneyAirline NameBook Tickets
in 30 days
09 Jun
Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 5068
Chandigarh - Surat
in 60 days
09 Jun
Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 5068
Chandigarh - Surat
in 90 days
03 Aug
Chandigarh to Surat by IndiGo Airline from INR 4280
Chandigarh - Surat
* Chandigarh to Surat Flight Fares shown are indicative and subject to change until ticketed. Prices are guaranteed only at the time of purchase

Surat Details

How to Travel to & from Surat Airport

Surat International Airport in Ahmedabad is considered as the second busiest in the state of Gujarat. It is situated around 20 km away from the city centre. The Surat Railway station lies 16 km from the airport. It is quite easy to commute to the airport with number of options available in hand.

You can opt for SITILINK Bus Services that provide local buses that are available from the city centre to the airport and vice versa. BRTS also provides air conditioned buses to travellers for a comfortable commute to the airport. You can also opt for private cabs or taxis which are available 24 hours.

Facilities at Surat Airport

Managed by Airport Authority of India, Surat International Airport in Gujarat includes passenger facilities like wheelchair with escorts, luggage wrapping, luggage trolleys, mobile recharge points, ATMs, etc.

Surat airport has a number of options for shopping and eating within the premises and outside the terminal building. The departure section endows the passengers with a restaurant and a snack bar. To provide passengers with a comfortable experience before their flight, the terminal building also has Arrival Lounge, Departure Lounge-cum-Art Gallery, and the VIP Lounge. Along with this there are various small shops where you can buy handicrafts, garments, jewelry, perfumes, electronic items, and other tidbits.

Best Time to Visit Surat

Known for its cleanliness, the city of Surat several names like the silk city, the diamond city, the green city, etc. It is located on the banks of the Tapi River and falls in South Gujarat. Summer, winter and monsoon are the three seasons this city witnesses. The best time to visit Surat out of these three seasons is are the winter months that begin in October and end in March. The temperature during this time of the year is between 15°C - 29°C. With cool breeze in the mornings and evenings, it makes the perfect scene to explore the city and beat the heat.

Top Routes to Surat

New Delhi to Surat Flights
IndiGo|14th Jun|₹2998
Mumbai to Surat Flights
SpiceJet|2nd Jul|₹3191
Chennai to Surat Flights
IndiGo|7th Jul|₹3963
Kolkata to Surat Flights
IndiGo|23rd Jun|₹6676
Hyderabad to Surat Flights
SpiceJet|26th Jun|₹3566
Kochi to Surat Flights
IndiGo|25th Jun|₹4560
Ahmedabad to Surat Flights
IndiGo|4th Jun|₹4939
Pune to Surat Flights
IndiGo|17th Jun|₹5267
Goa to Surat Flights
IndiGo|5th Jul|₹3094
Trivandrum to Surat Flights
IndiGo|12th Jun|₹8610
Patna to Surat Flights
SpiceJet|30th Jun|₹6058
Ranchi to Surat Flights
IndiGo|22nd Jun|₹5385
Jaipur to Surat Flights
SpiceJet|2nd Jul|₹3167
Coimbatore to Surat Flights
IndiGo|1st Jul|₹4824
Lucknow to Surat Flights
IndiGo|20th Jun|₹5326
Madurai to Surat Flights
IndiGo|9th Jun|₹5230
Varanasi to Surat Flights
SpiceJet|20th Jun|₹6624

Chandigarh Details

How to Travel to & from Chandigarh Airport

The first planned independent city in India, Chandigarh witnesses a lot of tourist traffic throughout the year. The airport is at a distance of 11 km from Sector 17, which is considered Chandigarh city centre. This distance can be covered in a span of 15 minutes by road. Multiple options like cabs and buses are available for travellers to travel from the airport to the city centre and back. Tourist buses can be hailed from Inter State Bus Terminals (ISBT), Sector-17 and Sector-43. They ply frequently at short intervals making it a convenient and probably the most economical mode of transportation. Taxis, though relatively costlier, are also easily available outside the terminal or can be booked online.

Facilities at Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh Airport is one of the charming ones, offering many amenities and facilities. Particularly notable facilities include hygienic washrooms, children play area and smoking zones, evenly dispersed throughout the airport. One will also find a canteen at the airport where tourists can enjoy light snacks and delightful beverages. Tourists can even pick souvenirs for their loved ones from here. Wheelchairs and trolleys can be asked for and concierge services are also available on request. One can easily hail cabs from the airport by booking them at kiosks available in the premises. Parking is also available for tourists on self-drive at minimal costs.

Best Time to Visit Chandigarh

Chandigarh, a much loved holiday spot in India is perfect for a holistic holiday. The best time to visit Chandigarh is from November to March when the temperature ranges from 20-25 degree Celsius during the day and falls to 1-2 degree Celsius during the night. But these chills do not stop people from taking a vacation and the place is buzzing with tourists and people owing to the holiday season. March, April, September and October are months with moderate weather, so if someone is not a fan of extreme winters, they should visit during this time. The Rose Festival of Chandigarh and the Chandigarh Carnival also happens between November and March, making it exceptionally exciting to visit the city during this time.

Top Routes from Chandigarh

Chandigarh to New Delhi Flights
Go Air|1st Jul|₹1149
Chandigarh to Mumbai Flights
Go Air|29th Jun|₹4123
Chandigarh to Chennai Flights
IndiGo|27th Jun|₹4581
Chandigarh to Kolkata Flights
IndiGo|7th Jul|₹5670
Chandigarh to Hyderabad Flights
Go Air|6th Jul|₹4477
Chandigarh to Kochi Flights
IndiGo|4th Jul|₹6309
Chandigarh to Ahmedabad Flights
Go Air|16th Jun|₹2920
Chandigarh to Pune Flights
Go Air|7th Jul|₹5640
Chandigarh to Goa Flights
IndiGo|5th Jul|₹4200
Chandigarh to Trivandrum Flights
IndiGo|7th Jul|₹6194
Chandigarh to Patna Flights
IndiGo|7th Jul|₹4149
Chandigarh to Ranchi Flights
IndiGo|1st Jul|₹3982
Chandigarh to Jaipur Flights
IndiGo|7th Jul|₹4717
Chandigarh to Coimbatore Flights
IndiGo|15th Jun|₹5852
Chandigarh to Lucknow Flights
IndiGo|6th Jul|₹3349
Chandigarh to Madurai Flights
IndiGo|13th Jun|₹6404
Chandigarh to Varanasi Flights
Go Air|7th Jul|₹5560

Chandigarh Airport Details

Name : Chandigarh Airport
Address : Airport Rd, Industrial Area Phase II, Chandigarh, Chandigarh UT 160003
Phone : 91-172-2659886

Surat Airport Details

Name : Surat Airport
Address : Airport Director,Civil Aerodrome,Surat-395007 (Gujarat)
Phone : 91-261-2720109