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Mercy Jacob Mar 10 2014

Which are the best historic hotels of the world?

Kanika Nevatia Mar 10 2014
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A holiday is never just about where we go and what we do, sometimes where we stay can make all the difference! And if we choose one of the most historic hotels of the world as our accommodation option then the vacation is sure to be full of gallons of intrigue. Just unravelling the past about the hotel itself can become one of the things to do during our stay. So here’s a list of the popular historic hotels around the world to make the planning a little easier.

Soho House - Berlin, Germany

The Soho House in Berlin which was a departmental store to begin with opened in 1928. The property was seized by the wartime government before being occupied by the post-war, Communist regime until 1956. Later it was used to house the Communist Party archives and the Central Committee’s Historical Institution. After Germany was reunited the building was returned to the legal descendants of the original owners who turned it into a hotel.

Today the Soho House is a private members’ club with 65 rooms, 20 fully serviced apartments and 4 spacious lofts. It consists of a Cowshed Spa and gym, a rooftop pool, restaurants, bars, a screening room and private event spaces.

Photo of Soho House (by Official Website)

El Peiron Hotel - Aragon, Spain

The El Peiron Hotel was initially an ancient villa or house built in the seventeenth century in Spain. The house was situated on the wall that surrounded Sos of the Catholic King. Beneath it is one of the ancient entrances to the Villa. It was the residence of the noble family Artieda, a descendent of which was the first to discover the course of the Amazon river, from its source to its mouth. His research became a book entitled 'New discovery of the great Amazon River'.

The house has been fully restored to its charm, its stones and corners that will make you plunge into a trip to the past. One of the best historic hotels of the world, if in Spain don’t forget to visit.

Photo of El Peiron Hotel (by Official Website)

Laxmi Niwas Palace - Bikaner, India

The Laxmi Niwas Palace located in Bikaner one of the most famous places to see in India, is so beautiful and pristine that its grandeur is sure to leave you gobsmacked. The architectural elements, including symmetrical layouts, ornate filigree work, and latticed screens all recite tales from the past when Maharajas resided in the palace. It was the grand private residence of Maharaja Ganga Singh, where luminaries and notable dignitaries were lavishly entertained and inspired by the royal estate.

Built in 1904 the hotel boasts of a magnificent Indo-Saracenic architectural design, consisting of stunning interiors, including antique furniture, intricately carved beds, and delicate motifs. If you decide to reside in the arms of luxury, don’t forget to ask the locals the mystical stories of the past. It It is indeed one of the most picturesque historic hotels around the world.

Photo of Laxmi Niwas Palace (by Rahul meg)

The Fullerton Hotel - Singapore

What was formerly known as the Fullerton building when it was built in 1928, used to be the nation’s General Post Office, The Exchange and also house to the prestigious Singapore Club, accounting for an integral part of the history of Singapore. The historic significance and monumental architecture makes the building eminently suited for a grand hotel.

The architecture is Neo-Classical in nature and the colour scheme has hints of champagne making for a royal appearance. The view of the sea and rivers from the higher floors is just mesmerizing. The recent $300 million careful restoration of the hotel has made it not just an accommodation option but one of the necessary places to visit in Singapore.

Photo of the Fullerton Hotel (by Official Website)

The Liberty Hotel - Boston, USA

Constructed in 1851 the original building acted as a jail house for Boston for over 120 years when due to the poor living conditions it was declared unfit to house prisoners. In 1991, Massachusetts General Hospital acquired the obsolete property and sought proposals for its reuse, requiring that significant elements of the building be preserved. It was proposed to be converted into a hotel only after 2001.

Despite a detailed resurrection the jail’s granite exterior and expansive, light-filled interiors remain largely unchanged. Soaring 90 feet, the jail’s central atrium was beautifully preserved and forms the core of the hotel. So if you’re up for residing where the most notorious convicts of the United States were once held, this is the best out of the historic hotels of the world for you.

Photo of Liberty Hotel (by WEBN-TV)

Borgo Ramezzana - Vercelli, Italy

Years of restoration and recovery work is what has led to the preservation of this historical marvel in the heart of Italy. The monument that displays impeccable Neo-Gothic architecture is dominated by a precious crenellated tower decorated with embossed bricks ensuring that it doesn’t lose its old charm. The building is still laden with wooden beams, stone stairs, Vaulted ceilings and illustrious fireplaces ensure that when in the country house you have plenty to reminisce.

A very environmentally operative accommodation here you will find everything from solar panels, geothermal plants and even a biological orchards, creating the perfect blend of ancient and modern. So do plan a trip to this breath taking historic hotel.

Photo of Borgo Ramezzana (by Official Website)

The Roosevelt Hotel - New York, United States

Better known as the ‘Grand Dame of Madison Avenue,’ the hotel opened in 1924 and has been intricately restored to its original grandeur. Guy Lombardo and his orchestra performed their first show at the Roosevelt Grill on October 3, 1929 and continued to play there for the next 30 years.The Roosevelt has been standing tall since the hotel first opened its doors September, 1924, and has since remained a true icon of the City of New York.

The Roosevelt has welcomed guests from all around the world and has been part our country's rich history. And if you’re a Hollywood buff there is no way that you’ve not already seen a glimpse of this hotel in some of your favourite movies. One of the most well known historic hotels of the world when in the Big Apple this is the place to be.

Photo of Roosevelt Hotel (by Official Website)

Hitler’s Holiday Resort - Rugen, Germany

In the Rugen Islands in Germany, lies the world’s biggest hotel with 10,000 bedrooms all facing the sea, with no guests for over 70 years of being built between 1936 and 1939 by the Nazis as part of their 'Strength through Joy' programme. Known as the Hotel Prora, The complex consist of eight identical buildings that extend over a length of 4.5 kilometres and are roughly 150 metres from the beach. A workforce of 9,000 took three years to build this majestic monument.

Hitler planned on using is as a hotel post the war, but as fate would have it that never happened leaving the monument deserted for years. The monument is now being converted into a 400-bed luxury hotel and 400 apartments and is anticipated to be the historic hotel that everyone would want to stay in at least once in a lifetime.

Photo of the Prora (by Klugschnacker)

So now that you know all the places where you can go digging for mysteries of the past while you enjoy the best hospitality that the world has to offer, its time you started planning trips that include stays at the best historic hotels of the world.

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