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Pritha Manchanda May 25 2015

PM Modi’s Travel Tales : 1 Year, 6 Continents, 18 countries

Shewali Tiwari May 26 2015
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Almost a year into the new government and we have 18 overseas stamps on our beloved PM’s passport. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has by far been one of the most-travelled world leaders of all time, travelling overseas almost every 7th day in the last one year.

With what looks like a voracious travel attempt, PM Modi has made his mark not only on the international air miles, but also on the domestic ones which include 48 local tours. When compared, there’s a stark difference between the travel diaries of previous PMs and their foreign trips. Rumor has it that Modi also took world’s most powerful selfie in the history with the Chinese premier Li Keqiang.

1. It’s like every 7th day, he was on a trip

Some expedition. What a kickass start to his first year’s itinerary.

2. Hallelujah, now that’s an interesting chronicle.

Bhutan, Nepal, Mauritius, Seychelles, Brazil, Japan, US, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Germany, France, China, Mongolia, South Korea and Canada.

3. PM Modi has covered all the continents in last one year, except Antarctica of course.

Checklist - South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

4. More than 97,000 km in totality, he’s covered the 1/4th distance to the moon.

The number just doesn’t speak volumes about the distance, but the cultural discoveries, the variety of cuisines, the earthly charm of the places and what not!

5. Having said that, Modi covered earth’s circumference, twice!

The circumference of the earth is 40,075 km. Voila, Modi is on fire it seems!

6. PM Modi outperformed previous PM Manmohan Singh in this voyaging spree.

Dr. Manmohan Singh on that stance travelled 12 countries in 47 days.

7. Coming to talk about it, PM Modi has surpassed Obama’s count as well.

Obama visited only 13, 6 less than the Indian PM. { Facts from May 2014-May 2015 }

8. And his motherland is not left far behind either.

This one’s when he took Delhi metro. Much travel, many mediums.

9. AI-1 aka Air India One is a flight managed by IAF.

The world famous plane of Mr. Modi has a private suite, lounge and a lot more with affluent services.

Think of it like this- had you covered 97,000 km, by air, you would be eligible for the most amazing packages; easy upgrades to business class, free food, free drinks etc. A year just wasn’t enough for the man, and he undoubtedly made the most of it.

PM Modi patently gave regular travelers a reality check, about how expeditious he can be, if he wants to be. Wondering, what more he has in store for the coming years. Not sure about anything but PM Modi will cover the entire world before we’d know.

[ Disclaimer- This post is prepared after collecting data from various reliable sources and is believed to be true. These images have been used in good faith and without any intention of infringement.]

Akshay Bhati May 26 2015
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Umm.. Bihar & Jharkhand!
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