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Etti Bali Oct 30 2015

How to take your first flight

Kanika Nevatia Oct 30 2015
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Dreamt of this for years haven't you? It’s finally time to take your first domestic flight! So you’ve probably already booked your tickets and the date of the journey is approaching. Don’t worry, being a little jittery is just normal; some people feel that way before every flight!

Here’s a comprehensive account describing how to take your first flight (and all the others after that of course!). From where to start and where to end to all the nitty gritties on the way, read on to find it all out.


- Once you pull up at the departures area of the airport, you will notice there are various gates. Even though you could enter from any, look for the gate with your airline name written near it for easier access.

- If you have quite a bit of baggage you obviously won’t be able to carry it by yourself. Look for a trolley dock and pull out a trolley to place your luggage on.


- Now comes the main part. Make sure you have a printed copy of your ticket (or its digital version on your mobile) handy along with a valid government certified proof of identification (drivers license, voters id, passport, etc.) as you will need to show the same to the guard at the airport gate.

- After doing so, you will enter the main airport. Now look for the check in counter with your flight name on it.


- Wait in line for your turn. Once you reach the counter you will need to present your air ticket as well as proof of identification to the airline staff (and your printed boarding pass if you have done a web check-in).

- The staff will check your documents and issue a boarding pass to you, which is what you will require for the rest of your journey.


- You will also need to place your check-in luggage on the belt next to the counter. The airline staff will tag your luggage with your name and a code and subsequently paste a copy of the code behind your boarding pass.

- You will also be provided with baggage tags for your carry on baggage. Make sure to tie them on your hand luggage.


- You will now need to look for the boards pointing you towards “Security Check”. Move towards security check and make sure that there are no bottles in your hand bags containing over 100 ml of fluids.

- On reaching security check you will need to place your hand bags on the conveyer belt (electronics separately on a tray) for checking. You will have to pass through metal detectors and undergo manual checking. Your boarding pass will be checked and stamped after which you can pick up your bags. You’re baggage tags will also be stamped.

- In case of doubt, your baggage tag may not be stamped and the security personnel may ask to manually check your bag.


- Once you have cleared security check you should scan your boarding pass for “Gate Number”. You can also look for screens that indicate the gate number for corresponding flight numbers just to be sure.

- If you have some time on hand you can go shopping, grab a bite at the airport, or you can look for arrows pointing to your gate and move directly there.

- Once you reach the gate, remain seated till there is a formal boarding announcement for the boarding of your flight. After the announcement, stand in queue and wait for your turn. You will either be taken to the flight on a bus or through an aerobridge.


- Before entering the flight, the staff will check your boarding pass and tear off half of it.

- On entering the flight you will be directed to your seat. Place your hand baggage in the overhead locker and take your seat. Make sure to tie your seat belt and follow the safety instructions as demonstrated by the cabin crew.


- For any assistance during the flight you may seek help from the cabin crew.

- Once you have reached your destination, deboard the plane, from where you will enter the airport once again via bus or an aerobridge.

- You will now proceed to collect your checked-in luggage. There will be many conveyer belts in a designated area. Look for the belt where the screen above reflects your flight name and number.


- Wait for your luggage to appear and carefully lift it off the conveyer belt. Make sure to check the baggage tag on the luggage to make sure it belongs to you.

- Look for a trolley and place your luggage on it and move towards the departure gate.


You have now successfully completed your first domestic flightjourney. We hope this account of how to take your first flight helped you! Let us know about your experience! And in case you have anything to add, go ahead and leave a comment. Bon voyage!
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