ixigo Kitchen - what's cooking?


ixigo Kitchen is where tomorrow's travel search ideas are served today, and where ixigoers get a sneak preview of the next coolest product that ixigo is working on.

If you have sumptuous ideas for our kitchen's menu, then don't hesitate to share them with us. If our chef likes them, you will see them on your table as soon as we can cook them.

Spicy Apps

Spice up your browser and your desktop with these hot apps

ixigo Search Boxes
Add ixigo Search boxes to your website.
Select a box type:
medium rectangle
wide skyscraper

ixigo themes Custom design

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ixigo Fare Outlook!
Check true minimum fares of all airlines in one cute graph.

ixigo Fare Mapper!
Lowest fares from anywhere to anywhere on a map.

ixigo Flight Planner!
Plan your trip - know when and where to fly.

ixigo Mozilla Toolbar
Now search on ixigo from your favourite browser.
Flight searches can be done from the mozilla browser by clicking on the ixigo logo in the status bar. A small window will pop up where you can select your choices and results can be launched in same window.

The ixigo Firefox extension is very easy to install. Download the toolbar. Open it using Firefox. You will be required to restart the browser to activate the widget. The widget appears in the bottom right corner of your browser window.

Don't have Mozilla browser? Get it now.


ixigo iGoogle Gadget
Search for cheapest flights on ixigo from your iGoogle home page.
The widget can be placed on your iGoogle home page and can be used to check for the cheapest flights any time any day. The search results open in new window, so you don't have to open your iGoogle home page again. The widget is very easy to install on your iGoogle home page. All you have to do is click on the following link

You will be asked to add the widget to your iGoogle home page. Your home page will now have your personal ixigo search box.

ixigo Yahoo! Desktop Widget
Search ixigo for cheapest flights from your desktop.
Flight searches can be done from the yahoo search gadget on your desktop. The search results are opened in a new browser window.

Download the widget (right click and save). You may need to download the Yahoo! widget engine to use this widget.