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Kritika Maurya Jun 21 2013

I am visiting Kolkata this August. I wanted to know what comprises street food in Kolkata and which are the best places there to indulge in it?

Debangana Sen Jun 25 2013
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The variety of street foods in Kolkata is truly staggering. It's great that you wish to indulge in the city's street foods, as this is truly an experience not to be missed when you come visiting in the 'city of joy'. The street food of Kolkata is not limited to just Phuchka (Pani-puri), Jhaal muri (puffed rice tossed with chopped onions, chillies, roasted peanuts and spices), Shingara (Bengali version of Samosa), Chowmein (mixed noodles) or Kochuri (Bengali version of the north-india Kachauri). It also includes Kathi rolls, Mughlai parathas, Telebhaja (oil fries), Chops, Cutlets, Luchi-Ghugni (a special kind of flatbread served with a chickpea dish with or without mutton), Momo, Biriyani, an impressive variety of sweets and much more.

The city exhibits a very distinctive attitute towards its food, including the ones cooked and served hot on the roadside. Let us take you on a quick food trip around the streets of Kolkata where you'll find the bestest and the yummiest street food in the city.

Note: Carrying antacids will prove to be advantageous.

If you plan to visit the Esplanade or Chowranghee Lane, you must visit the Dacre's Lane, which has some of the best roadside food that the city has to offer. This is basically a one stop destination for foodies. Those with a delicate stomach should practice caution, and those who dont, might develop one. On a plus side, Kolkata is one of those cities with the highest number of medical / chemist shops, so help will always be close at hand.

Nearby, the Sudder Street is the place to go if you are craving Chinese. Not much to look at, this is a slightly shady part of the city and is known for cheap hotels and eateries. Be careful while roaming around this area. As far as Chinese food is concerned, Kolkata vendors still use the banned Ajinomoto (Mono-Sodium Glutamate) for flavouring, so again, practice caution.

For the best Phuchkas, visit Golpark, Triangular Park and Maidan. And as long as we are talking about Maidan, you will find a number of stalls selling everything from Jhaal muri, Kathi rolls and Telebhajas to Chops, Chaaps and sweets. Check out Bedwin, Nawab and the stalls opposite Basanti Devi College in Gariahaat. And if you visit College Street, a visit to Coffee house and trying out the deviled eggs is a must.

If you are in a mood for Biryani, the area near Writer's building in Office Para is your best bet. Vegetarians can go for the Alu Biriyani. Haleem - another popular favourite, is a dish prepared from a mixture of beef, flour, mixed grounded lentils and spices, found in many parts of Kolkata. Radhaballabhi - Alur Dam and Hing Kochuri are some vegetarian Bengali specialities that are a must try as well. Tasty Corner on the Swinhoe Street is the place to be, if you wish to have a go at these two.

And if we are talking about food in Kolkata, how can we not mention sweets! We are sure you must have tried Rosogullas and Mishti doi umpteen times. Here's your chance to try something new. Go for Kacha Golla (a melt in your mouth mildly flavoured cheese balls), Kheerer Shingara (Samosa with a sweet stuffing of solidified condensed milk), Sita Bhog (a sweet resembling Pulao), Pithe (a Bengali version of cake) , Komla Payesh (Orange Kheer) and so much more. K.C Das, Bancharam and Ganguram are famous sweet shops with outlets in every corner of Kolkata.

Apart from these, Russell Street, Camac Street, Lord Sinha Road, Theatre Road, Deshapriyo Park crossing are other great places to explore the city's street food. That's a lot of places for you to check out. We hope that answers your question. Have a great trip this August. Bon appetiti!

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