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Pritha Manchanda Jul 22 2015

Indian dishes with International Origin

Etti Bali Jul 22 2015
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Ever wondered where that cup of coffee came from? Or the origin of the humble jalebi? Go through this list of Indian Dishes with International Origin and take a gastronomical journey through the lives and times of these Indian staples! Many moments of glorious discovery await you!

Gulab Jamun

Yes, you read that right. These melt-in-your-mouth khoya balls dripping with sweet syrup are not at all Indian in origin. Gulab Jamuns originated in Persia and the Mediterranean, where they are known as Luqmat al Qadi. A piping hot plate of gulab jamuns is the perfect winter-time dessert!


A flaky crust and delectable filling are the two main ingredients of a good Samosa. But did you know that your favourite tea-time snack has its origins in the Middle East and Central Asia? We have the traders and merchants travelling through the Indian sub-continent to thank for this irresistible treat! Try out the Bina Tala Samosa--a popular street food in Indore! Check out the popular restaurants in Indore where you can find some amazing samosas.


The fragrant rice dish, made with succulent meat and aromatic herbs, was brought to India by Muslim traders and invaders. What originally started off as pilaf gradually imbibed certain influences and became what we today know as biryani! Many delicious versions of this dish exist today, including the famous Hyderabadi Biryani! Here are some best known restaurants in Hyderabad for relishing this amazing dish.


Rajma, or red kidney bean, has a long and interesting history that began when Christopher Columbus brought back beans from his exploits in South America. The bean then took almost a century to reach the French countryside from where it was brought to India by French colonists. Encouraged by the later British government in India, its cultivation spread to many north Indian states. The best rajma preparations can be made from the bean harvested in Jammu and Kashmir! If in Kashmir, don't forget to enjoy check these fantastic restaurants in Srinagar.


You may think it is a Goan delicacy, but Vindaloo is a Portuguese recipe whose original name is vin d’alho. Made with wine and garlic as the main ingredients, Vindaloo can be made using any kind of meat. Doing justice to the Indianization of the name of the dish, people also add potato along with the meat. Now, Vindaloo is as much part of Goan cuisine as the beloved Feni! Here are some of the best restaurants in Goa to enjoy this regional delicacy.


Hold on, now there’s no need to look questioningly at that cup of tea in your hands! Our favourite brew has its origin in China where it was used for its medicinal benefits. When the British ruled our country, they fell in love with this humble drink and continued tea cultivations with passion. Today, many zesty and robust varieties of tea drinks are popular across the globe! Chai is undoubtedly a pioneer in the list of Indian Dishes with International Origin!


Hot, sweet and just with the right amount of crunch, Jalebi is India’s favourite sweet-snack. It has its roots in Persia, where it was called zulbia. It was brought to India in the medieval period by Persian invaders. From here on, it travelled to other south-east Asian countries including Nepal and Maldives. How about the trying their own unique versions of the jalebi on your holiday in Maldives?

Dal Bhaat

The simple, unassuming dish of Dal Bhaat, prepared with steamed rice and lentils is originally from Nepal. Traversing geographical boundaries through the north-eastern parts of the country, the delicacy entered India and is now a staple comfort food for many Indians!Rustle up your own version, or try out the original fare on your next trip to Nepal--you are sure to be comforted by the familiar feel-good factor!


The soft and fluffy naan is another popular gift from Persia, served with love and generous dollops of butter! Many delicious variations of the naan exist across the globe, with a special place of mention in the menus of many British restaurants! A must try is the Amritsari Kulcha, which is a speciality of the holy city of Amritsar and can be found everywhere! The restaurants in Amritsar are known for their filling, buttern laden versions of naan, do try it!

Filter Coffee

Time to spill the beans on coffee now! Popular folklore associates the origin of coffee in the country to Baba Budan. It is said that on his pilgrimage to Mecca in the 16th century, he got so enamoured with coffee that he smuggled seven coffee beans to India, settled in Chandragiri Hills and began cultivation on the slopes. But it was only in the later part of the 19th century that the brew gained prominence. Go on and taste the best of coffee at these coffee shops in the country!

We bet you didn’t know that our favourite desi dishes had such exotic origins! These Indian Dishes with International Origin must have left your mouth watering. Time to go and satiate those tastebuds!

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