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Reema Bhalla Sep 23 2014

Mention 10 interesting facts about the Golden Temple.

Kanika Nevatia Sep 23 2014
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Travelling to Amritsar? These interesting facts about the Golden Temple will leave you amazed! This iconic religious monument packs heaps of history, legacy and cultural significance.

The Four Gates

Did you know that one can enter the Golden Temple from any of its four entrances located in the north, east, south and west of the main monument. These entrances or gates symbolize that people from all four corners of the Earth are welcome and permitted to enter.

Golden Temple Gate (by Guilhem Vellut)

Amrit Sarovar

The man-made water body that surrounds the Golden Temple is known as the Amrit Sarovar (pool of nectar). Fed by the River Ravi, this water is said to have special properties. It is believed that one can gain spiritual benefits by immersing in the holy waters of this sarovar.

Amrit Sarovar (by Lev Yakopov)

The Stairs

The stairs entering the main temple go downwards, rather than upwards like most holy places. This has been done to bring about a sense of humbleness and eliminate any kind of arrogance that prevails in the minds of visitors.

Golden Temple Stairs (by ironypoisoning)

The Langar

Langar is a free sanctified meal which is prepared daily and served at the temple. This is the largest langar of all gurudwaras and is organized every day. Around 40,000 people are fed for free at this langar everyday. The roti machine in the kitchen can produce upto 25,000 rotis per hour.

Golden Temple Kitchen (by BOMBMAN)

Sitting While you Eat

One of the interesting facts about the Golden Temple is thatwhile eating in the langar at the Golden Temple, in the City of Amritsar, all the diners are expected to sit on the floor, irrespective of caste, status, wealth or creed. This is symbolic of the central Sikh doctrine of the equality of all people.

Golden Temple Langar (by ironypoisoning)

Kar Sewa

Cooking of all the food for the langar and the maintenance of the Golden Temple complex is carried out by worshipers all of whom volunteer their services free of cost. This is known as “kar sewa”. The cost for maintenance and food is also provided for by donations.

Kar Sewa (by KoshyK)

Gold Plating

Not many people know that initially the gurudwara was constructed without any gold coating. Over the years, the temple experienced a number of attacks by Mughals and Afghans. These left the temple building in need of repairs. During the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, marble panels were inlayed on the building facade and gilded with metal. Later, the upper two floors and dome were plated with gold.

Golden Temple (by Arian Zwegers)

Architectural Influence

The perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture, this Sikh monument aims at reflecting through its structure spiritual enlightenment and the lotus petals carved on the main dome are employed to express this idea.

Golden Temple (by Vanish K Saini)

The Foundation Stone

For years there has been a debate about who laid the foundation stone of the Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib. While common belief is that the stone was laid down by the Sufi saint Mian Mir on the invitation of Guru Arjan Sahib, others argue that it was laid by the Sikh guru himself.

Golden Temple (by Travelwyse)


An estimated 100,000 people visit the Golden Temple everyday! The number of visitors rises to 200,000 at the weekends and is known to have reached up to half a million during festivals. The early and late winters are also a time of the year when the footfall is quite high owing to the pleasant weather.

Golden Temple Crowd (by margothierry)

Hope these interesting facts about the Golden Temple intrigue you. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the beautiful city for a memorable trip!
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