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Reema Bhalla Apr 22 2014

Tell us 10 interesting travel facts?

Kanika Nevatia Apr 22 2014
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A trip to diverse places around the world is everyone’s ultimate dream. Couple that with these 10 interesting travel facts and your trip is sure to be a fabulous one. So check out some intriguing travel trivia and let those brain juices flow!

Several buildings in Manhattan, New York are so grand that they have their very own zip codes.

Photo of Manhattan (by Florin dr)

Bet you didn’t know that the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo remains closed for 2 months every year just to give the animals a break from all the humans ogling at them!

Photo of Ueno Zoo (by pelican)

Did you know the shortest scheduled airline flight is from the Scottish island of Westray to its neighbouring island, Papa Westray in the United Kingdom? The flight is just 2 minutes long!

Photo of Papa Westray Airport (by me677)

If you're planning trip to Iceland, make sure you don’t tip waiters at restaurants. It’s considered an insult.

Photo of Tip (by Scott Sanchez)

A very interesting travel fact is that in Tibet, people greet each other by sticking out their tongue. It signifies that one can be trusted by others!

Photo of Tibetan Woman (by Krzysiek)

Bet you never knew that Mickey Mouse is better known as Topolino in Italy.

Photo of Mickey Mouse (by Castle, Capes & Clones)

Like your food salty and spicy? Adding salt or pepper to your food in Switzerland is considered an offence by the chefs! So, while you dine at the finest restaurants in Switzerland, try not to add salt and pepper on the food.

Photo of Salt and Pepper (by Tbuckley89)

About 100,000 people get married in Las Vegas every year. Many of them simply elope while others plan their wedding! Vegas is known as the Marriage Capital of the World.

Photo of Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas (by Antoine Taveneaux)

In Sweden, you will find a tiny village with an even tinier name - Å, the smallest name for any place in the world.

Photo of Å (by Snazzy Firefly)

Bet you didn’t know that people began surfing in Hawaii way before Columbus even sailed to America.

Photo of surfing in Hawaii (by Cpl. Megan L. Stiner)

Did these 10 interesting travel facts have you scratching your head? Go out and explore the world--you never know when you come across more such crazy trivia.

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