International flights under 10k from India

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Are you bitten by the travel bug? If yes, you would know how expensive it can get. We all love to travel but are mostly discouraged by the costs associated with it. 

Booking early flight tickets translates into cheaper fares. But do you know how early? As per research, booking flight tickets 2 to 3 months in advance is the most recommended time frame to get the best flight fares.

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Also, we’ve put together a handy list of international destinations that you can travel to on a budget –


With a fascinating blend of culture, cuisine and coasts, Thailand is Asia’s ultimate travel destination. The country is as cosmopolitan as it is traditional: on the backdrop of neon-lit nights and high-rises are the typical fishing and farming communities. Everywhere you look, the sky seems to be meeting the sea in this tropical paradise.

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Flight cost (one way): Approximately INR 8500 in April 2022

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country in the southeast of India, is famous for all the right reasons. From long stretches of sandy beaches to undulating mountain terrains, from lush green tea plantations to crystal clear lakes, this small island nation has it all.

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Flight cost (one way): Approximately INR 8000 in April 2022


Landlocked between India and Tibet, Nepal is often referred to as the “roof of the world”. It harbours the two highest summits of the world – Mount Everest and K2. From the bustling yet charming capital city of Kathmandu to the peaceful birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal has something to offer to every traveller.

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Flight cost (one way): Approximately INR 5600 in April 2022


Laced with sparkling beaches and crystal blue waters teeming with a diverse array of marine life, Maldives can be best described as a “terrestrial asset”. With bright coral reefs, the translucent Indian Ocean, cheerful smiles of the locals, a dreamy weather and indigenous vegetation, Maldives lives up to the hype. Check out the insider’s guide of Maldives to know more. 

Flight cost (one way): Approximately INR 9000 in May 2022


Home to more than 700 rivers, Bangladesh’s lush landscape is a haven for every nature lover. The mangrove forests and the Sundarbans National Park are Bangladesh’s most famous attractions. Know more about this country on your visit. 😉

Flight cost (one way): Approximately INR 7000 in April 2022

P.S. Prices are dynamic and might increase/decrease every day.

Before making any bookings, we recommend everyone to go through the country’s COVID-19 guidelines

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