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27 Jun 2014
Jhansi city is of historical importance as Rani of Jhansi fought against British . Jhansi has following things to visit Jhansi Fort-Small fort has a temple inside,where Rani prayed Jhansi Museum-It has various statues showing picture of war and other antiques other place to visit are Narayan bagh,Sukma Dukma( garden) and orcha mandir( is around 70 km from city)
Sweet place
26 Jun 2014
I had a very great experience at Jhansi. it is a very beautiful place. the views of Jhansi was great it is a very clean place. its is well developed city. i like jhansi.
Experience the culture of Bundelkhand
25 Jun 2014
Jhansi is a junction city of Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai train route, it is well connected with Taj nagri Agra, Khajuraho and varanasi, which are potential tourist places of india. You can visit RANI LAXMI BAI KILA and DEOGARH MANDIR near jhansi to see the example of chandel king's monuments art. From Jhansi you can also visit city of ALHA and UDAL Mahoba and famous temple of KHAJURAHO.
Sweet place.
24 Jun 2014
Jhansi is very clean and good place. there are very beautiful mountains. there are many things to see in Jhansi like dams mountains forests. i had a very great experience at Jhansi.
Jhansi is a great place
22 Jun 2014
I had a very great experience at Jhansi. the gardens of Jhansi are very nice. Jhansi is very popular for Laxmi Bai fort. The Laxmi Bai fort was a beautiful clean place.
An striking place.
21 Jun 2014
A good and lovely place and the Forts are awesome over there. People speak and behave well and this place is too blessed with great natural beauty.
located between mountains and good to see jhansi fort
20 Jun 2014
jhansi is the place which is located between mountains and have a rani laxshmi bai fort which is above 100 years old and in that fort you can see old things .And near jhansi fort you will see the museum of jhansi where old coins and old pictures of jhansi fort is there.
19 Jun 2014
If you are visiting UP in Northern India, Jhansi is a place you look forward to. Jhansi is a historic city of northern India in Bundelkhand Region best known for Maharaani Laxmi Bai. There is a saying 'Khoob ladi Mardaani vo to Jhansi Vaali Rani thi'. If you are visiting Jhansi you must look forward to visit Jhansi fort , Rani Mahal and Government Museum. Oorcha is another important place nearby best known for old hindu temples you would definitely like to go there.
19 Jun 2014
its a nice historical place to visit im sure everyone like to visit
18 Jun 2014
Honestly I hadn't had very high hope visiting this place but I gotta tell you I enjoy this place a lot. I visited Laximibai's Fort and it was amazing. view from Fort is amazing and you can see also see the spot from where she jumped with horse with her son tied on her back.

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